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  1. L

    2014 LED - Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (optional) Refresh Rate - 100Hz Budget - 35k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched...
  2. haisaikat

    46inch BRAVIA or SAMSUNG and LED or LCD

    Hi, This is my first post. I am planning to upgrade from my existing 21inch CRT to flat screen LCD. The TV will be for my living room at around 8 to 10 feet viewing distance and will run for mostly 10 to 12 hours per day (majority of which will be post afternoon till 10 at night with only 2 to 3...
  3. H

    Opinions on the LG LD460 and LD650 series

    Hi Guys, I'm a n00b here. I want to buy a 42" LCD (Not LED can't afford it) I get a decent discount on LG products as I work in a LG sister Co. (Not LGE tho). Now depending on teh availability and budget I have a couple of options 42LD460 : 42" fullhd, Supports all file formats, 2 HDMIs ...
  4. S

    100 Hz CRT v 100 Hz LCD - What's the difference

    Hi All, I own a 100 Hz CRT TV - the SONY DRC-MF DR29M97, of which I am very proud. I have been looking at LCD/Plasma TVs recently. I seems that Sony now has a 100Hz LCD - the 40W450A. Is 100Hz on the LCD the same as 100Hz on the CRT? If not, what is the difference. I have been...