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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. R

    For Sale RUNCO Projector HD 1080P 3Chip DLP 2100Lumens

    For sale is a projector runco HD 1080P in excellent working condition. Price is fixed at Rs. 243000.00 It is 5 Years Old. Shipping is Free by Fedex Brightness: 2100 Lumens Contrast: 10000:1 Resolution: 1920x1080 Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD) Video Modes: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080p/50...
  2. Z

    50+ Inch Non-Smart TV 1080p

    Hi, We are moving into a new house. I am planning to install a new TV. My requirement specs are something around the lines of 50+inch , 1080p or 4k, non-smart (I have a firestick,chromecast and whatnot). Can you guys suggest some good TV's quality wise and also in budget. My estimated...
  3. M

    Wireless 1080p streaming with Asus RT-AC66U Router

    Hi, I mentioned in one of the other thread that I was looking at streaming 1080p movies (Blu ray folder structure and ISO) through wireless. The Problem for me is that I don't have CAT6 cable in my flat and all this while my unRaid server (antec 902) was in the living room where I keep my...
  4. J

    Any one running a 45' HDMI cable and still getting 1080p 3D ?

    Friends, I just wanted to know if any one here is successful in getting a 1080p and 3D with an HDMI cable that is 45' or longer. I recently talked with Blue Jeans cable guys for a 45' cable High Speed HDMI cable and they very confidently said that no HDMI cable in the world can give you 3D...
  5. N

    Life of DLP Projectors

    Hi every one, I am planning to get a projector - probably Optoma HD21. I have been reading about projectors a lot in the web and one of the things that concern me is that most people have issues after a year of using the projectors, especially the DLP ones. I plan to use the projector for...
  6. neel

    Projector replacement ideas

    I have a Sanyo PLV Z1 which was an instant hit in 2002/3 (capable of handling 1080i input on its 964x544 res). Happily running it with the second bulb. I am thinking of moving to a decent 1080p (1920x1080 res) projector with a budget of around 80K. Any suggestions. Are there places to...
  7. grunthos

    1080p output overflowing the LCD screen

    I recently bought a 40' Samsung 5 series. Am very happy with the purchase, esp since now I can do justice to my 720p collection - and Star Cricket HD on the the complimentary Dish TV HD also helps Anyway, I have connected my HTPC to it. Here is the config - Intel Dual Core 2.7 GHz...
  8. B

    DVD player with no hdmi but 1080p upscaling and usb 2.0 suport

    Ok guys I'm very new in this forum SO I'M REALLY VERRY SORRY if this is a repetition of same old question :o ..but believe me I googled a lot and searched a little through threads of this forum but with no success so here I am.. Nywy, my qs is I need a dvd player WITHIN 3500-5500INR available...
  9. vramak

    720p files vs 1080p files

    Is there a significant difference between (upscaled) 720p files and 1080p files on a medium size (40"-50") 1080p TV, assuming compression quality is the same ? My Inglourious Basterds blu ray looks only slightly better than the DVD, at normal viewing distance on my 42" 720p TV. So I wanna know...
  10. Teja

    Options for 50-inch Full-HD Flat Panels??

    Hi All, I am in the market for a 46" to 50" Full-HD TV for my home theater. My budget for the TV is about 1 lakh. Needless to say, the bigger the better :D Viewing room has controlled lighting, and content is exclusively DVD & HD content served from a HTPC. I am partial to Plasma for the...
  11. J

    NOOB needing help ! Is this necessary ????

    Long story short, I'm buying the 'PHILIPS 42PFL5603D/10' and to go with it I'm buying the 'Kef eggs kit 530'. Basically do I need an amplifier, Ive been looking at the 'Pioneer VSX-1017AV-S' but was wondering what benefits it would bring me, I'm going to be watching blue ray movies, playing...