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2.1 audio

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. N

    a noob to speaker game, please be gentle, thanks!

    hello i may come off as very ignorant but i don’t know where or to whom to ask this question. For the past month i have been searching for a speaker to listen to when i am in my bed but i have been thoroughly confused with all the terminology and types of speakers - 2.0, 2.1, 5.0, 5.1, near...
  2. G

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier

    Cambridge Audio AM10 Integrated Amplifier for sale. Mint condition with remote. No issues. Age around 1 and half yrs. No box. Shipping anywhere at buyers cost Selling price - 15k. Reason for selling - Moving to High end Amp
  3. Yuvaraj_N

    Looking for Tower speakers

    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for Tower speakers to complete my 2.1 setup. The prospective Tower speakers would be fired by Yamaha RS202BL stereo Amp. The upcoming tower speakers will be supported by polk DSW1000 sub. Since the Yamaha receiever doesn't have a LFE out for...
  4. C

    Home Theater and 2.1

    Hello All! Ok, after 5 days of research of AVR and seperates there seems to be a serious hole in regard to those who wish to use their 5.1 or 7.1 systems for serious 2.1, in my case vinyl. Speakers; Def Tech Mythos 4 L&R, Mythos 3 Center, and the Gems Rear along with a new Def Tech 4000 Sub and...