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2.1 speaker system

Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
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    Speaker suggestions for desktop - budget 30K / $500

    I am not an audiophile but an avid music lover. I primarily like Rock music, jazz, and metal and I like normal balanced sound slightly warm, not a bass head and neither can I stand the too harsh sound I am looking for a new set of speakers under 30000 INR or $500 then should I get a 2.1 Speaker...
  2. R

    Help. Advise/Suggestions for 2.1

    Hi All, Looking for some advise on setting up a 2.1 speaker setup to start with. I just bought poineer vsx 930 k.:D Its rated 105W per channel, 8 ohms, 20 hz-20Khz, THD 0.09% I will be using it for both music and movies. I love listening to instrumentals like Flamenco/Spanish guitar...
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    ELAC BS 52.2 vs Swans M100MKII

    Aside from Swans' Bluetooth feature, please compare the specifications of these two speakers to suggest which is better? Any links on the Internet about them?
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    Kindly help me decide on a subwoofer and 2.0 FS speaker combo for under 40K!

    Hi, I got the following stuff for under rupees 30k in US: 7.2 receiver: 7.2 Ch. 4K A/V Receiver with Bluetooth – STR-DH750 Review - Sony US, center channel: 2-way 3-driver Center Channel Speaker - Eligible Sound Bars and Home Theater Systems Sony Store - Sony US and 2 pairs of these on...
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    LG NB2540 120 Watts 2.1 Soundbar Review/Feedback.

    Please provide your valuable feedback/Review on LG NB2540 120 Watts 2.1 Soundbar. I want to buy this for my LED TV. Thanks in advance.
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    Suggestions for a Budget HT System

    Hi, I am looking for an audio / HT system to go with a 47" TV that I am buying. My requirements are primarily to listen to music (90%) from TV / STB or from my phone / laptop via Wifi/LAN/Bluetooth, and also to watch movies - mostly downloaded form the net. The TV I am buying will be DLNA...
  7. S

    F&D 2.1 System review

    Hi, I am looking for a 2.1 audio component to connect with my Xbox 360 for gaming and watching movie. Came across this product F&D A530U Snapdeal has good ratings for similar model. Anyone in the forum with hands on experience with this brand?? Thanks! Swapnil
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    Want 2.0 or 2.1 Speakers under 60k

    Hi, I want to buy good set of speakers around Rs60,000. I previously owned Altec Lansing MX6021 Expressionist (Rs10,000)... I am bored of them. I want a better 2.1 Speakers. I want to invest in good quality speakers. My purpose is music and movies in 70:30... My source is Retina MacBook Pro...
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    Swans M20W v/s Klipsch Promedia- 40%Movies, 40%PS3, 20%Music + alternate suggestions

    I have a budget of max 14k and I have gone crazy reading jumping from speaker to speaker. I rejected Logitech Z623 for inaccurate sound reproduction while playing music and rejected Edifier C3 for low bass output (I was almost convinced to buy these) and Swans M10 again for low bass output...
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    For Sale Edifier S730 (Pristine Condition)

    Greetings Everyone, Well Am selling my beloved Edifier S730 2.1 System. And If you are here then You must be already aware of the Exceptional performance of this unit. It is one of the best 2.1 systems money can buy. 10 inch massive sub doesn't produce boomy bass but deep, very deep and...
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    Need help in deciding Bookshelf and SW for Yamaha RX V573/473!

    Hi All, This is my first post here and in anticipation of useful advice and opinions! I am from Delhi and a novice when it comes to AV receivers and speakers however I have done some googling hence I have gotten some idea about how it all works! I am keen to have a 5.1 HT system in my...
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    Need advice on a 2.1 system for Music and Movie

    Hello! There, I have been searching and researching for a perfect system for my requirement, but have not been able to find any... Here is my requirement / possible usage. 1. Music - Jazz, Country, Rock and Indian Classical - 60% of the time 2. Movies - I have a 47" LG LED-HD TV, and...
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    2.1 for Home Theater expandable to 5.1

    I am planning on setting up a home theater system in stages due to lack of budget. I have a 40 inch LED, TataSky STB and Samsung Bluray player. I intend to purchase a AV Receiver and 2.1 speaker initially and later upgrade to 5.1. At present my budget for the AV receiver and 2.1 set is 30k...
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    2.1 System /Soundbar For LCD

    Hey I have a 40" LCD with a blu ray player and an HD STB in my bedroom. I was thinking of getting some budget sound for them. Earlier I was considering the Vizio VSB200 available for 99$ or VHT210 for 199$ .But going by the reviews here i could make out that it is better to go in for a...
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    2.1 Speaker system under 10k

    hi guys i am just a novice in audio dept. i need some help to figure out the best 2.1 speaker system available in India for a budget of 12k. Basic need is to listen to music from a laptop, or mobile, occasional gaming and few movies. As my room size is small (110 sq feet) and i live in the...