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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. M

    Better 2.1 system: m50w vs Soundsticks iii

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out which one is the best buy out of these two: Hivi Swan m50w Harman Kardon Soundsticks iii (wireless) Nobody online seems to compare them directly and I'm thinking they're not comparable but since they're at a similar price point I wanted to know if someone has...
  2. D

    Bookshelf speakers + Sub + Amp Advice

    Hi all! This is my first post and I wanted to get some help on what you think I should spend my money on. I currently have the Logitechs Z2300, 2.1 system with a fairly good 120W 8 inch subwoofer and 40W satellites, but I want to upgrade this setup. I've been looking at some bookshelf...
  3. L

    F&D A520 2.1 Amplifier Upgrades

    As I mentioned in another thread, I performed a set of upgrades to the F&D (Fenda) A520 Subwoofer Amplifier. The A520 sounds very good right out of the box - these upgrades are only necessary to improve the durability/reliability, and optionally to improve the sonics. 1) Change the...
  4. coolcat

    Kenwood LS-N550 Speakers & Sherwood Receiver

    Hi All, This is my first question to you all. I have a pair of old Kenwood speakers with me (LS-N550). I am planning to buy a Sherwood 2.1 receiver from US in November (Model - RX-4503) ($123) Sherwood 200W 2.1Ch. Stereo Receiver RX-4503 - Best Buy Can I use the Kenwood speakers with...
  5. D

    Need suggestion for Int Amp, Speakers, sub-woofer and DAC combination

    Hello everyone.....I am a newbie in the world of audiophiles. I have been using creative desktop speakers for a long time. But now since I can afford better stereo systems, I want suggestions regarding Int Amp, Speakers, DAC and sub-woofer combination for a custom stereo system. Recently I have...
  6. U

    SoundBar or 2.1 setup for Sony 40EX650

    Hi All, One of my friend has bought Sony 40EX650 and is looking for speakers to improve the sound quality. He is not serious audio listener. He is also not interested in 5.1 setup. His usage will be 1) Philips DVD Player (for movies only) connected through HDMI cable to TV 2) Videocon D2H...
  7. Rupam

    Suggestion for Multimedia speaker

    I need to buy a good 2.1 (or 2) speaker system for my father. He will use HP Pavilion Laptop to listen mostly old hindi songs, classical, vocal etc. He watches Old hindi movies (1930 -- 1980) and sometime good foreign films. Can you please recommend some good stereo speaker system for him...
  8. G

    Speakers for 40 inch LED TV --Budget Rs 10K

    Hello everybody, I just bought a Samsung LED UA40ES5600 last week. I want speakers for my TV (preferably 2.1), my budget is around Rs 10000. My room size is 14.5 feet by 9.5 feet. I want good sound quality. Please suggest any speakers and where to get these. I live in Punjab. I read...
  9. R

    Cheap 2.1 speakers for a 42" plasma + WD TV Live streaming

    Requirement : Simple 2.1 to replace the TV speakers (+sub forsome extra grunt) Not the sun, moon and earth. We can forget THX, DTS etc. Equipment : Panasonic 42u30a Plasma Media : WD TV Live streamer I'v got a tiny room and shoe string budget currently and dont plan...
  10. N

    Which 2.1 Speakers for listening to Music?

    Hey, I'm not an audiophile but going though so many posts here, I'm just overwhelmed so many in India exist! I have a Onkyo HT 3100 HTIB setup (unpowered SUb). I'm looking to purchase a couple of speakers for listening to music. I have no clue what brand I should go in for. Kind of...
  11. A

    Altec Lansing VS 4241 Vs Logitech X230 Vs Edifer C3?

    I need a 2.1 system for my room. Its come down to Altec Lansing VS 4241 Vs Logitech X230 Vs Edifer C3. Budget is 4k max. Could you please help me out here. Thanks.
  12. argho

    Onkyo LS-V501

    Hi All. I am new here - this is my first post. Need some help / info. Am looking for a good 2.1 HTIB. Budget - Rs. 50K - 60K Usage - 60% movies / 40% music Looking for : - Clarity (not loudness) - Compact size I currently have a Philips HTS6500/37 which I had bought in the US 3...
  13. V

    2.1 Altec Lansing Speakers

    Hi I am looking for 2.1 Altec Lansing Speakers for my DVD . Please suggest the model . It should be at least 100W RMS . Thanks.