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  1. V

    Suggestions required for a 3000+ lm projector.

    Hi Guys, :) My name is Vinay and I am new to these forums. I need your full fledged support in selecting a projector. Am planning to donate a new projector to an old age home for video viewing and some rare PowerPoint ppts. I have done my homework, but I still know anything about them. :D...
  2. K

    Car Head Unit $250 source from US

    Hi Guys, I am trying to source a new Head Unit from US in the $250 range. Mostly listen to Bollywood/Tollywood/Kollywood. So just looking for a natural sounding unit. Need USB/Ipod/Bluetooth/preouts. Can max out at $300, not more than that. Currently having a sony xplod with JBL back...