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3 way

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. kapvin

    hello.. world!

    After MONTHs of procrastination, I finally put together my DIY speakers. This is very much a work in progress, put together to validate the bass alignments. the Subs are Seas L26ROY courtesy BBW India. in a ~60litre cabinet overdamped bass reflex (tuned to about 22hz) modelled f3 around 25hz...
  2. A

    Need suggestions for my DIY project.

    I am looking to make my first DIY speaker. Its going to be a 3 way open baffle speaker. Drivers: 10'' woofer from Criterion 100b speakers. its 8 ohm, 40w. I had these lying around, really old, they work very well. I have got a pair of Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT and a pair...
  3. prepress

    Sonodyne Sonus 2605 V3 or Jamo S718

    Friends, I have reviewed many posts but still want to know more :D Which speakers I should buy (with reason) Sonodyne Sonus 2605 V3 (New) Jamo S718 (Used, mint condition) and what should be the best price?
  4. bijinmb

    My DIY Active 3-Way Floorstander!

    This is an Active 3-way floorstander using cylinders to mount the drivers. I have used the following drivers for the project. Brand: Peerless Fabrikkerne(I) Ltd. 1" Fabric Dome Tweeter: SR10DT x 1 5.25" Coated Paper Cone Mid-Range: M13NH x 2 10" Paper Cone Woofer: SB25NP x 1 Per channel...
  5. M

    Simple DIY Speakers guidance- Totally Indian

    I have been looking at the various posts on hifivision for some time now and liked the concept of DIY ..... However when it comes to Indian DIY efforts I have some observations ... My views here are all keeping in mind a single theme - Good Quality, Low Price and Indian made products ...