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    Upgrade to Bigger Panel TV - Sharp Vs Toshiba Vs Your Suggestion

    Hey Tech folks, I need to upgrade to a newer featured 32" TV from the existing Sony BX300 32" TV. If we see the prices for Toshiba or Sharp, they are much less than other brands like the Samsung, LG or Sony (excluding the Chinese assembled brands like Micromax etc). Though I know both...
  2. L

    2014 TV Big Bazaar

    I am from Pune. My requirements are - Size - 32" Full HD LED TV Type - Smart TV (hopefully) Refresh Rate - 100Hz (minimum) Budget - 35 - 40k Dimensions of room - 15 feet x 15 feet Viewing Distance - 13 feet I need to know whether any new TV's have been launched in 2014 or are...
  3. M

    is it worth it? Sony EX42 32" @ 1600 Rinngits

    Hi All, I need your advice, I am getting Sony Bravia EX42 32" for 1600 malaysian rinngits alongwith a Sony hD dvd player (usb, hd, etc) + HDMI cable. Do you guys think its worth it? Currently 1 MYR = 16.2INR so total in INR = 1600 * 16.2 = 25920 + Luggage 40 MYR =...
  4. A

    Need help with 32" LED TV

    Hi Folks, New to the forum and to LED TVs. Need your advice on what TV to go for. I'm looking for a 32" LED TV with full HD and HDMI inputs. USB would be a good add on. I'm not looking for any smart tv features so would prefer TVs without those. Please provide suggestions on which...
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    32" Full HD LCD or 26" LED?

    I am confused! I am looking to buy a New (my very first) LCD TV. I am not sure whether I need to go for a Full HD or just stick with HD ready. My usage will be 90% TV but I would like to connect to my laptop for vocational movies and may be some internet and photoshop. I am from Bangalore and...