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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
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    Onkyo 3300 off the market, is it true?

    after going thro all info about 3300 i was dreaming all along for it... i called one dealer in pune today he said there is new version 3400 and 3300 is off market frm last month!! plz let me know is it true? is 3400 as good as 3300 performance wise? again i appeal to guys frm pune...
  2. C

    Confused B/N Onkyo 3300 , 3305 , 3400

    Hi.. I planned to buy a home theater of around 30k budget.After visintg many shops in hyderabad , i got a deal for onkyo 3300 , 3305 , 3400 all three for almost a same price of 23K. now my decission was torn between these three. Can you please write what are the main difference between...
  3. S

    Is Onkyo 3300 good for music?

    After reading lot of reviews about Onkyo 3300 I found this model good for movies. I am not sure if this will be good for listening to music. Can any owner of this unit comment on sound quality when listening to audio mp3?
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    Where to find demo of Onkyo 3300 in Bangalore?

    Hi, After reading lot of forum post I found Onkyo 3300 to be the best in this budget i.e. 24-25k. Which is the best place to find demo of it in Bangalore? Thanks, Sumit