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3d glasses

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. generalxxxstark

    Wanted Looking For Epson RF Active shutter 3D glasses

    Fellow FM's, I need a pair of them for my Epson projector. Any other compatible brand will also do. I ordered the Epson elpgs01 by mistake not knowing they are IR and not RF :confused: Thanks in advance.
  2. anubisX

    For Sale Panasonic FullHD Active Shutter 3D Eyewear

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: http://shop.panasonic.com/shop/model/TY-ER3D4MU (MW version of the same) Expected Price: Rs 2,500/- each Reason for Sale: Got passive LED TV. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition: Mint Condition; Used...
  3. B

    3d glasses for Epson TW 6100

    I was wondering which one of the following two Samsung 3D glasses works fine withe Epson TW 6100 projector? Samsung 3D TV Glasses SSG-P41002 Full HD Samsung 3D Active Glasses SSG 5100GB Or is there any other 3D glass i should go for? Please suggest. thanks
  4. G

    3D glasses for Benq W1070

    I got a Benq W1070, so which 3D glasses are the best choice for this projector? proper price and good quality?
  5. H

    Alternate 3D glasses Sony HX850

    Hi all, as you all know sony supplies only 1 pair of 3D glasses with its TV. Also if we need to buy a additional glasses, sony is selling for 3400rs it is available in ebay for 2400rs. Are there any cheap alternate/universal 3D glasses that can be used with the sony TV's.
  6. M

    3D glasses suitable for Samsung 40 ES 6220

    Hi, Which models of 3D glasses are compatible with Samsung 40 Es 6220 and where can I buy these glasses in Bangalore (Preferred location near Koramangala or HSR Layout). Thanks in advance for valuable information.
  7. B

    Panasonic 42XT 3D plasma glasses

    Hi Guys, I need help in buying 3D glasses for my Pana 42XT50D plasma TV, I haven't got any freebies with my TV. so need help in buying one. Panasonic glasses are too costly, and i doubt i can afford a pair of glasses @6.5K, while sony and samsong are just 3K. Will Sony glasses work for...
  8. A

    3D Glasses.

    Can someone please explain the difference between TDG-BR250/B & TDG-BR50/L? Both are 3D glasses available with Sony, however one is priced 3.5 times the other? Given that i have HX850, which one should i opt for?
  9. M

    Samsung 3D Glasses in Bangalore? Where to buy'em?

    Can anyone direct me to a shop that they know will sell me a few pairs of Samsung 3D Glassses (SSG-4100's) in Bangalore? I've been to their showroom in Mantri Mall, several Girias and Chroma's and no one has them for sale. As mentioned in a different, and unrelated thread, I tried the Sony...
  10. C

    Hi Friends !!! Do you like to view 3D Anaglyph movies?

    Hi Friends! I am new to HifiVision.com and would like to say hi to all. I don't know if this news will be of any help to you all. We are the only Reseller of 3D Anaglyph Red/ Cyan glasses in Navi Mumbai Area. Many of us view 3D movies with their Home projectors. If you require 3D...