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3d tv

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  1. J

    help me deciding my 3D televicsion

    I am looking for 32 inch 3D televisions... Shortlisted these two SAMSUNG 32F6100 and LG 32LB620B... Can any of you give me some guidance on which one of these to buy or any other models available with additional features? any suggestions are welcome. May be I can think of 40 or 42 inches also...
  2. W

    Panasonic 47 Inches TH-L47ET50D Reviews required

    Guys plz help the community if you have had any experience with the Panasonic TH-L47ET50D model. :)
  3. A

    Please suggest me ~40" LED or Plasma & is "active 3D" bad ??

    Hi all, Need help of you guys desperately. I am mainly looking at getting Samsung's 43F4900 3D Plasma. Other option for me is LG PN4500 Plasma (kinda same just without the 3D and just one HDMI) for good price of 33K. The last option is to take the risk of picking 40F5000 LED for Rs. 33K (w/o...
  4. N

    Which 46 Inch LED+3D+Smart TV should I buy

    Hello Friends, I need your valuable suggestion on which of the following TV I should go for, I am not really interested in Smart TV but the problem is that there are no good 3D TVs without the Smart Option... I am keen in having a good picture quality, hassle free use ( Protocols, Formats...
  5. R

    lg 42lm6410 vs 42lm6690 help needed

    I would like to buy a 3d tv around 65k. SInce lg 3d with the passive technology are the best, I have selected 2 tvs : lg 42lm6410 : Rs 60k lg 42lm6690 : Rs 70k I would like to know if there is much difference between the two in terms of PQ and whether I should buy 42lm6690 for Rs 10k extra.
  6. LGWRSherlock

    The World's First Ultra HD TV is now available in India!

    Hi guys, LG WRman Sherlock here, Great news! The awesome LG World Record Ultra HD TV is now available in India! And she's beauty! :yahoo: You can check it out on our official site here: LG 84LM9600 ULTRA DEFINATION CINEMA 3D SMART TV - Worlds first 84 Ultra HD TV - LG Electronics IN And...
  7. N

    LG Plasma or LED 3D???

    Hi! I am not sure which one is better - LG Plasma 3D model 42PM4700 or LG 3D LED model LM6400. Does anyone own the plasma model and what is the difference in the 3D effect in plasma and LED? :mad:http://www.hifivision.com/images/smilies/mad.gif
  8. V

    3D TV - Not doing good (in US)

    Few major reasons for loosing popularity US 3d Viewership. 3-D viewership - less than a hundredth of audience Only 2 per cent of TVs in the US are able to show 3-D programming Expensive to produce - many wonder whether it's worth the extra cost. Still expensive 3d blu ray player and disks...
  9. Z

    3D Blu Ray on Smart TV - not so smart?

    I have recently bought a 3D Blu Ray DVD player - trying to play a 3D movie but it's not going so well. I have an LG LW 6500 TV and a 3D Blu Ray Sony DVD Player (BDPS580). It plays Blu Rays fine but when putting in my 3D Blu Ray and selecting "Play in 3D" option it tells me "your Blu-Ray...
  10. sammydude

    Where do I buy Samsung PS51D550 in Hyderabad? Is it the right time to buy?

    Hello all I've decided to buy a Plasma 3D Full HD Tv. Zeroed in on Samsung PS51D550. Don't want to look at any other model, since this is good VFM below 70K. 1) Where do I get it for a good price in Hyderabad? 2) Will there be finance options available? 3) Is it the right time to buy or...
  11. M

    New owner of Samsung 43D490

    I'm a new owner of Samsung 43D490. I've ordered the tv in chennai v for 41,500waiting it to be delivered on Monday. the package comes with a pair of 3D glass and 50 DVD pack. I'll be glad if you guys share some tips/ advice: I'm having Airtel dth should I go for hd immediately? and also...
  12. vizeta

    Bought the 47" Full LED-3D TV LG 47LX9500 - My Experience:

    This is my first Thread/Post in this forum. I was following this forum for long time and based on member's experience/recommendation I decided to go for this Fantastic TV for fantatastic price. I Came to know about Cromas deal for this TV and I went ahead and purchased this TV. I am very...
  13. haisaikat

    Samsung UA46C7000 for 1.3L in ezone

    Hi All, I saw the Samsung UA46C7000 LED 3D tv for 1.3L in ezone of South City Kolkata. Is it a good deal? I am not aware of any freebies though byut considering that the MRP listed on website is 1.7L it is a huge discount. Not sure if they are selling their demo piece but the picture looked...
  14. T

    Interesting Article....3D TV: Why you'll (someday) own one whether you like it or not

    "3D comes to your living room" was supposed to be one of the biggest stories at CES 2010, and indeed it wasthe promotional push by Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sony, and a few smaller panel makers was massive, with multimillion-dollar booth setups intended to awe conference-goers and start the...