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  1. Stevie

    40" or 42" FHDTV for PS3 gaming - 3D optional - budget ~50k

    Hi, Looking for a 1080P tv 40" or 42" Usage - 40% PS3 40% - Watching movies thro PC/ USB HDD 20% - SD tv content PQ is more important than whether its LED/LCD/Plasma 2011 models preferred - Don't prefer gray market due to warranty considerations... Willing to wait for a month... budget =...
  2. A

    Need advice on HDTV selection

    I am planning to upgrade myself by replacing my 15 year old 21" Sony CTV with an HDTV. I already have a Sony home theatre (DAV-DZ290K). The new HDTV should be compatible with this Home Theatre. (It does have an HDMI port). I am trying to choose between the following: Brands : Panasonic...
  3. G

    Looking for 42" plasma deal in Bangalore

    Hey guys, Need some help finding a good deal on a 42" plasma in Bangalore... I'm interested in the following models: Samsung A450 Panasonic G10 Panasonic S10 Panasonic X10 Anyone recently bought one and got a good deal? Also folks from Chennai and Hyd, let me know if you...
  4. H

    42" Plasma : Panasonic C10 Vs LG PQ60 Vs Samsung B430

    I have zeroed down to my screen size(42) and technology(Plasma) preference after a lot of research and now I have shortlisted 3 models which suit my budget.(<50K) My usage : 60% - Tata Sky + Normal DVD 30% - PS3 Gaming 10% - Blu Ray Movies Your opinions are welcome on: 1. Image...
  5. G

    Help me decide: 42" Sony vs. LG vs. Samsung LCD

    Re: Help me decide: 40/42" Sony vs. LG vs. Samsung LCD Yes, have pretty much narrowed down to the choices you've mentioned. The SONY 40W550 (90K) is good no doubt, but the difference on 20K between this and 40V550 (70K) is not justifying for only 100Hz Motion Flow. That equates to about...
  6. unBound

    Reliance Digital - Reliance Time Out - Cunningham Road, Bangalore

    I have used the Reliance Digital mart at Reliance Time Out store several times for different purchases (TV, home audio, fridge, microwave etc) and found this store to be reliable, the salespersons friendly and approachable and everyone willing to do a deal (tell them where and how much other...