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4k tvs

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. D

    Need advice on TV purchase

    His guys, Looking for some insights as I am planning to purchase a TV: 1. Budget 60K max 2. 4K resolution (55" pref) 3. Smart TV - (Android Pref) 4. Usage - Gaming (PS4 PRO), Personal viewing (Mostly low light environment), OTT content mostly 5. Online or offline purchase I have been going...
  2. parambir

    65" 4K @ 58K - Panel TV : Review

    Hello friends... I had earlier posted a thread https://www.hifivision.com/posts/791957/ where I was looking for reviews on "Panel TVs". Unfortunately there was not much response on that. But I did some further "hunting" and finally took the leap. Yesterday I picked up a 65 inch 4K Panel TV for...
  3. R

    4K TVs

    Are these things available in Indian markets already? What brands/sizes are available? Where can one buy these and any pointers on the price range? Also, anyone bought a 4K TV already? What's experience on the content side? Is the overall experience better than FHD or no clear gains on that...