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  1. W

    4K TV recommendation

    Hi FMs, I am searching for a 65 inch model under 90k. TV is to be used in living room with a viewing distance of 9ft. I am looking at Hisense,TCL , Panasonic, Toshiba models as Big three are costly. I have looked at rtings.com but could not understand the model naming for TCL and Hisense...
  2. Y

    Decent 4k under 86k according living room space.

    Hey, pardon for any errors since this is my first post(anywhere). 1) along with the attached living room overview... Do i require an IPS panel or will a VA panel do?. I am not sure of how to get the viewing angle. There is an indian sitting on the side where people may sit occasionally. 2) the...
  3. M

    Samsung RU7470 or NU8000 or Q60R - Help me pick one

    Hello guys, help me pick the best of the three TVs. As per reviews, I felt Nu8000 is slightly better than all, but it is available at 85K which is a bit above my budget. Couldnt find any worthy reviews for RU7470 not even in Rtings. Some say, RU7470 is almost similar to NU8000. Viewing angle is...
  4. ratheesh

    55" 4k @ 50k

    Hi, The quest for searching the ultimate value for money budget 4k TV started long back but as usual it's limited by the technology and big players playing big refusing to come down. This year is phenomenal in bringing the value proposition back to consumers. More and more companies stepping...
  5. ratheesh

    LeEco Super 4 Series TVs launched in India -

    Despite the financial crisis running through it's roots, LeEco introduced LeEco Super4 Ecotv range in India - An amazon exclusive. https://youtu.be/27Qkk3bQp6c LeEco Super4 EcotvUnveiling the perfectly evolved Ecotv!With next generation technology and a design to go with the most lavish of...
  6. D

    Which 4k TV ?

    Need help choosing between the lg-49UH620V and the Samsung ue50ku600 My budget is 500, wanted to play ps4 pro Thanks.
  7. drkavint

    panasonic 60cx700d my new tv

    hi, i purchased 60 inch 700d model panasonic for 2 lakh with 2 glasses and 3 years warrenty . its been a month , since i wanted to play around then post review, i took long gap. next few days i will be posting review.. my old tv was 51 inch plasma 1080p samsung.. many people will still remember...
  8. E

    Sony Not to Launch Flagship 4k 65" (KDL-65X9004b)?

    Today morning I noticed "the gold standard of TV" ad on TV. Jumped on to Sony India site. And deeply disappointed not to see the flagship 65" in the new x9004b series. They have launched 79" and 55" models. But not 65", the one I was looking forward to. Anyone having any inside info about...