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    Home Theater Under 50k

    I want to buy a new home theater for my room which is 20x15 ft. I am thinking of a basic avr, 5 speakers and a powered sub at least a 10incher. Can any one suggest me a good system for music:movies ratio 40:60. I have been in the forum looking at many FM's suggestion to newbies. I don't want to...
  2. Y

    Home Theatre under 50k

    Hi Guys, Just to give a background...I am getting my house constructed and thus planning to setup a good HT in my bedroom which will be primarily used for TV and Movies and sometimes games... As I am completely noob and don't have any idea about various AVR's so I am posting here for the...
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    AVR + Speakers 5.1 Budget 50k

    Hi, I am from Mumbai and I wish to purchase a good 5.1 system that would cost me around 50K. My room size is about 10*14, so I feel 5.1 should be good. I would be using the system more for music. I heard couple of combinations of which liked Whardale Moviestar 70+ with Onkyo SR508...
  4. S

    Home theater for 50k compatible with Sony LCD klv-32v550a

    Hi, I am new to home theater systems and want your help in identifying a HT component system for under 50k and compatible with my LCD as mentioned above. Room size is around 20x20 sq ft. I would want features like full HD compatible, 1080p, ability to play multiple DVD / CD formats, mpeg...
  5. V

    Looking for HT+audio system for v large room. Please advise.

    Hi, I'm looking for a music system which will double up as a home theater syste. Usage will be about 75% for music and 25% for movies. Basically music will be on 2-3 hours a day whereas movies will be 1-2 a week. I don't own a home theater yet, hence the desire to go in for an AVR based system...
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    Need to buy new Speakers and amplifier within 50k

    Hi all, This is my first post to Hifivision. I want to buy an audiophile Amplifier and Speakers for Industrial Rock/Classical Rock and Fusion Bands like Indian Ocean. I have already used Telome Speakers with Onkyo Amplifier,but since i have shifted to hyderabad i need to buy new Music...