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Home Theatre Systems
  1. ratheesh

    55" 4k @ 50k

    Hi, The quest for searching the ultimate value for money budget 4k TV started long back but as usual it's limited by the technology and big players playing big refusing to come down. This year is phenomenal in bringing the value proposition back to consumers. More and more companies stepping...
  2. R

    Home Theater Under 50k

    I want to buy a new home theater for my room which is 20x15 ft. I am thinking of a basic avr, 5 speakers and a powered sub at least a 10incher. Can any one suggest me a good system for music:movies ratio 40:60. I have been in the forum looking at many FM's suggestion to newbies. I don't want to...
  3. Y

    Home Theatre under 50k

    Hi Guys, Just to give a background...I am getting my house constructed and thus planning to setup a good HT in my bedroom which will be primarily used for TV and Movies and sometimes games... As I am completely noob and don't have any idea about various AVR's so I am posting here for the...
  4. R

    AVR + Speakers 5.1 Budget 50k

    Hi, I am from Mumbai and I wish to purchase a good 5.1 system that would cost me around 50K. My room size is about 10*14, so I feel 5.1 should be good. I would be using the system more for music. I heard couple of combinations of which liked Whardale Moviestar 70+ with Onkyo SR508...
  5. S

    Home theater for 50k compatible with Sony LCD klv-32v550a

    Hi, I am new to home theater systems and want your help in identifying a HT component system for under 50k and compatible with my LCD as mentioned above. Room size is around 20x20 sq ft. I would want features like full HD compatible, 1080p, ability to play multiple DVD / CD formats, mpeg...
  6. V

    Looking for HT+audio system for v large room. Please advise.

    Hi, I'm looking for a music system which will double up as a home theater syste. Usage will be about 75% for music and 25% for movies. Basically music will be on 2-3 hours a day whereas movies will be 1-2 a week. I don't own a home theater yet, hence the desire to go in for an AVR based system...
  7. S

    Need to buy new Speakers and amplifier within 50k

    Hi all, This is my first post to Hifivision. I want to buy an audiophile Amplifier and Speakers for Industrial Rock/Classical Rock and Fusion Bands like Indian Ocean. I have already used Telome Speakers with Onkyo Amplifier,but since i have shifted to hyderabad i need to buy new Music...