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5.1 home theatre

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  1. B

    Suggest good 5.1 Hometheatre

    Friends : I am planning to buy a 5.1 Home theatre for my home. Room size : 12 feet X 20 feet. Can you please suggest a good home theatre system with the features like Blue tooth connectivity and to connect my Samsung Smart TV. Budget : 20,000 rupees Thanks Srini
  2. M

    Help!!! Need help connecting Creative Home Theater with LG TV

    Ahoy Experts! I am new to this forum and off late I have been researching a lot on utilizing my old Creative 5.1 Home Theater with my LG TV. Since I am not too much into audio systems and all, I was getting confused on how to proceed with it so after researching a lot I realized that this...
  3. R

    My first HT.. Thinking of Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT

    My room size is 21 by 17 Was thinking of buying Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT, or suggest something better of similar price range. And which Receiver will be best for AJ-523XT? Thx
  4. V

    Suggestion on good 5.1 surround speaker package under INR 25K

    Hi, I need your suggestions on what speakers I should buy for my A/V setup. I have Samsung 40" H6400 3D TV and WD TV (2014 model) media player. Following are my current setup needs/capabilities. 1) All media play back happens on my WD TV media player and an HDMI out from media player goes...
  5. S

    Safe AVR for my expensive TV [50- 80k budget]

    Hi friends, I need your help in finding out the best AVR for my first home theater system. Here are some details TV : Sony 4K KD-55X8500B [55"] Room size : medium Location: Bangalore Budget : 50 - 80K blu ray Movies : 60%, HDTV: 30%, Music : 10% I did audition high end Q-acoustic...
  6. kestrel5915

    Few queries regarding 1.5lac HT 5.1 system

    Hello people, I have been a lurker here for quite some time and have gained a lot of info from this forum. I plan to buy a 5.1 system for my living room (plan attached). My budget for speakers + AVR + cables is around 1.5 lacs. Usage is Movies + Gaming - 50% and Music - 50% I have auditioned...
  7. S

    Need urgent help for home theater 5.1 surround sound effect

    Hi, Good Morning to all of you... I really need a urgent help. I have a 65" 3D LED TV and I am using Sonodyne EXBar 400 and Sony Bluray Player but I am really not enjoying movies with this Bar. My room size is 19' X 12' I am really looking for a home theater by the way I can really fill the...
  8. S

    Need help in choosing a 5.1 htp jamo ?? Pioneer ??

    Hi, I plan to buy a home theatre package for my room (10ft *12ft). I need it mostly for listening to music and watching regular tv through Tara sky. I am. Confused between two models 1. Jamo s426 with either vsx323 or denon x500 2. Pioneer rs 43 I need help and genuine reviews from anyone...