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5.1 setup

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. E

    5.1 Satellite HT for bedroom: MA Apex 5.1 vs B&W MT 50 vs B&W MT-60D Budget 3-4 lacs

    Hi everyone! It's been some time since I was last active on the forum (2012 to be exact). Back then, I purchased my first (proper) HT consisting of the following: B&W CM9 x2 B&W CMC2 centre B&W DS3 surrounds Denon 4520CI AVR Velodyne SPL 1200 Ultra I had it all connected to Samsung 51"...
  2. A

    HTR 2064/ YHT 196 how to play dolby digital 5.1

    i have a couple of movies with dolby digital 5.1 audio. samsung blu ray player BDF5500 decodes all dolby formats. yamaha receiver only decodes DD5.1 and DTS DS. To play the 5.1 audio with onboard decoding with respect to the blu ray player, i need to switch the settings to PCM, this will play...
  3. P

    5.1 audio output from TV to Amplifier

    Hi, Recently I bought a 46" LED TV from Samsung (UA46EH6030R). The problem with this TV is that it does not have any digital audio output ports on it; it has two HDMI and 1 headphone jack. Now, I have a Yamaha receiver at my home which does not have any HDMI connectivity options but only has...
  4. N

    Home Theater Setup - Suggestions welcome!

    Friends, I am planning to setup a home theater with the following: 1 - Mitsubishi HC4000 projector 2 - LG 42 3D Tv (existing) 3 - 100 inch motorized screen (yet to decide model/make) 4 - 3d Blu ray player (yet to decide on model/make) 5 - 5.1 sound system (yet to decide on model/make)...
  5. V

    5.1 system under 1 lac dilemma?

    Pl give feedback on my short list: 1.**DLS Flatbox Mini - Flatbox Slim Mini - wall speaker in black piano. 45K. 2.*Monitor Audio Vector - Vector | Products | Monitor Audio 3.*Focal Sib Co - Focal Sib & Co compact loudspeakers for Stereo Hifi et Home Theater (Sib & Sib XL). 60K. 4...
  6. S

    Airtel HD dth 5.1 connection settings..?

    HEy, i am new in here so please excuse me if i am a bit amature OKay, so I have Sony KLV600EX LED HDTV Sony DAV810Z Hometheatre system (HTS) And Airtel HD STB I got two HDMI cables and one optical cable (toslink) Since i was not able to connect toslink to my Airtel STB (different port) I...
  7. S

    Airtel HD dth 5.1 connection settings..?

    Hey guys I am new in here, so please excuse if i am a bit amature OKay , so i have A Sony KLV600Ex 40" LED HDTV A Sony Home theatre DAV 810 and an Airtel HD STB I got 2 HDMI Cables and one, belkin optical cable (toslink) Now since my airtel hd stb cant get the toslink in I...
  8. P

    Wanted KEF Q600c and a good musical Subwoofer

    Looking to purchase used KEF Q600c center channel speaker and a good 12" to 15" subwoofer in good condition to complete my 5.1 setup
  9. I

    How to convert PC 2.1 speaker setup to 5.1

    Hi, I have an Altec Lansing 2.1 (VS 4121) speaker setup and want to upgrade it to 5.1. Instead of buying a new setup, I want to just add additional speakers to it. I already have spare speakers from my Sony HT system. So, now my question is:- What is the cheapest possible way to connect them...
  10. gap g j

    Dipole/Bipole speakers

    Friends which setup will be good for surround speakers, kindly clarify For a 5.1 speakers setup which speaker will be best for surround speakers, whether BS speakers or Bipole/Dipole speakers. and For a 7.1 speaker setup is it best to use Bipole/Dipole speakers for surround and BS...