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5.1 speaker set

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  1. D

    Advice on 5.1 home theatre speaker package

    I am looking to setup y first home theatre for my 12x12 living room. I have decided on either Yamaha 685 or Denon 2600 as the AV receiver. I need advice on a 5.1 speaker package. I am not looking for floor standing / bookshelves speakers due to space constraints. But am rather looking for...
  2. navin_adharsh

    7.1.2 speakers for Pioneer VSX-LX302

    Hey team, This is my first post and it's gonna be long. So if you have a more important task to be done, just pass this on. For other saintly minded helpers, please read on. Just now bought Pioneer VSX-LX302 AVR from HiFiMart. Will get it in a few days. This 7.2 AVR has 9 outputs unlike others...
  3. V

    Suggestion on good 5.1 surround speaker package under INR 25K

    Hi, I need your suggestions on what speakers I should buy for my A/V setup. I have Samsung 40" H6400 3D TV and WD TV (2014 model) media player. Following are my current setup needs/capabilities. 1) All media play back happens on my WD TV media player and an HDMI out from media player goes...
  4. S

    Yamaha NS-SP1800BL vs Yamaha NS-P40

    Hello experts, Looking at specs NS-SP1800 - Speaker Packages - Speakers - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha United States VS NS-P40 - Speaker Packages - Speakers - Audio & Visual - Products - Yamaha United States It seems that NS-SP1800 is far more better than NSP40. e.g. better...
  5. S

    5.1 speakers for my AV receiver

    Hi, I recently bought Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver. Amazon.com: Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver (Black): Electronics I am looking for 5.1 speakers for my AV receiver and need help for the same. The room where I am doing the setup is 12*16. My...
  6. S

    Compatibility/mismatch between AVR and speaker set impedance

    Hi, I plan to buy a AV Receiver and 5.1 speaker set to upgrade from my 10-year old Sony HTIB. After a lot of research, have zeroed down on the Yamaha RX-V373 5.1 AV receiver. Will go for either Harman Kardon HKTS 9 5.1 speaker set, or JBL's Cinema 500 5.1 set. Both the HK as well as the...
  7. H

    HTIB within 20K to 25K

    Hi, I have Samsung D6600 3D LED TV, Videocon HD and a PS3. Now I want to connect all these 3 devices to a 5.1 speaker system. I have heard HTiB is a one stop solution for this and relatively a cheaper solution as well. Is this the correct approach for this requirement and also can you guys...
  8. K

    5.1 speakers only for a Yamaha Vx-440

    5.1 speakers only for a Yamaha RX-V440 Hey guys, This is my first post on this forum so please be gentle:lol: I have been through some threads on here but not very specific to my query. If there are please do direct me to them. My friend owns a Yamaha RX-V440 AVR and had a pair of PACE...
  9. rahulmr

    Need centre ,front ,surround speaker set for Yamaha

    Hi everyone , I am new to this forum and I was searching all over for a set of centre,surround speakers for my Yamaha receiver rxv 365. I am already having Sony sub woofer with me ,which is the saw-2500 . I got the receiver and sub woofer from us two yrs back , but could not get the...