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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. E

    KEF vs B&W?

    Hi guys! Long time lurker, but am finally setting up my dedicated home theater. My room size is 25' X 15'. I have shortlisted 2 sets- 1. KEF Q900 + Q600c 2. B&W 683 S2 + HTM62 I'll be using the system 70% for TV shows, Hollywood movies, 20% for Bollywood movies and 10% for music...
  2. L

    B&W 683 replacin the tweeter

    Hello there does anybody have a clue how to replace the tweeters on the b&w 683 or got any drawings or something??? thankful for all answers :)
  3. S

    Monitor Audio RX6 or RS6 vs B&W 683

    Hello all, I am looking to upgrade my fronts and center, I have boiled my choices down to the MA RX6 and B&W 683. Was able to listen to the older RS6 as well as the 683 (i live in US). Initial reaction - the 683 was terrific. Felt the music envelop me in a lovely soothing way along with great...