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AV Cables
  1. A

    Sony 32 BX300??

    Hi Everyone!!! This is my first post.:) I've been browsing this forum for the past few days and found the answers to most of my questions. I am looking for a 32 inch TV for the bedroom. I've almost settled on Sony 32 BX300. There are some queries which Id like to be done away with: 1...
  2. I

    32/40 inch HD-ready LCD suggestion

    Hi all, Initially, I had locked down on Sony 32 EX500, but now I am not so sure after reading some posts saying that there is hardly any PQ difference between a HD ready and Full HD TVs when the TV is 42 inches or less. Hence I thought lets go for a HD Ready model instead as my watching...
  3. vramak

    720p files vs 1080p files

    Is there a significant difference between (upscaled) 720p files and 1080p files on a medium size (40"-50") 1080p TV, assuming compression quality is the same ? My Inglourious Basterds blu ray looks only slightly better than the DVD, at normal viewing distance on my 42" 720p TV. So I wanna know...
  4. R

    720p Projector

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here! I am really glad to see so many technology savvy Indians in here. Now I am sure I will get all the expert advice I need! I have a good audio-video setup currently at home (I am in Delhi) - 1) Sony 50 inch 3LCD projection TV 2) Onkyo AV receiver 3)...