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acoustic energy

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. N

    B&K Power Amplifier, Acoustic energy speakers

    Anybody have experience with B&K amplifiers? Im looking to buy :- B&K reference 200.2 B&K Components: High End Audio Equipment Manufacturer : Reference 200.2 Speakers are acoustic energy aegis neo four. Any inputs on the same? Any owners out here?
  2. N

    The brand Acoustic Energy

    Hello Forumers, I want to know about this brand Acoustic Energy which makes speakers. I searched the internet and also this forum, I could not get much info about this brand except for a few posts and reviews apart from the official website. Not much on sale even in the online stores...
  3. GunMo

    AE Aego-t Vs Def-Tech ProCinema 800

    Dear HFV-mates, I'm torn between these two great sat-sub packages. Both are priced close, share same technology (passive radiators), similar sized (well almost), similar power handling (well, again almost - :indifferent14: ProCinema 800 handles 50% more). Actually, going by tech-specs the...