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acoustic portrait

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  1. MaSh

    SOLD Acoustic Portrait Swara Tube Pre-amplifier

    Selling my AP Tube Preamplifier. It is about 5 months old and is in absolutely mint condition. This Preamp needs no introduction, its the best Tube Preamp you can get for this price. As you can see in the pictures, I had an extra Pre Out pair added with the intention of using it for a Dual Mono...
  2. arunkvivek

    Wanted Looking for Acoustic Portrait System

    Hello all, Primary Requirement: I am looking for used Acoustic Portrait Floorstanders (not the latest MS-610) as I am looking for cheaper ones for a secondary setup. Secondary Requirement: I am also interested in CPA.3 Integrated Amp as well but not an immediate concern as much as the speakers...
  3. aurobindosaha

    Need help - Jio Music and BubbleUPNP

    Hello I like to stream Jio Music to my Raspberry Pi streamer. For streaming I generally use BubbleUPnP. With Google Music or Youtube I can select the song and click 'share' and choose BubbleUPnP and the song plays on streamer without any issues. But with Jio Music if I do the same I...
  4. arunkvivek

    Acoustic Portrait in Amazon

    I was on FB and based on my browser cookies, FB brought up the ad of Acoustic Portrait gears on sale in Amazon. I couldn't believe my eyes. So, I went and browsed for it Amazon and looks like they have listed Thiaga Hybrid Amp, Swara Network Player and Corrson Speakers since January 2017. Great...
  5. aurobindosaha

    How Acoustic Portrait Swara Pi DAC/Streamer/Player works?

    Hi Many of you may havethe question - how Acoustic Portrait Swara Pi DAC works. Note that it is not only a DAC but also a music streamer/player pacakaged in the same box. Pleae go through the video linked below to know more https://youtu.be/ZaNYzKpQgkA Thanks Auro
  6. aurobindosaha

    Acoustic Portrait launches Pi 3 DAC - M2rPi

    Hi Official announcement received via email - "Raspberry Pi 3 is a very convenient solution for playing your digital music collection. The flexibility and convenience of Raspberry Pi is not easy to ignore. What was required was a good DAC to make it fit into audiophile rack. We are...
  7. aurobindosaha

    Wanted Acoustic Portrait DAC

    I am looking for Acoustic Portrait DAC. Open for reasonable prices. Kindly PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks Auro
  8. aurobindosaha

    Please suggest a DAC for Acoustic Portrait Amp and speakers

    Hi I would like to go for a DAC to attach with Acoustic Portrait integrated (solid state) amplifier. The amp will be driving the Acoustic Portrait Floor Speakers (scanspeak drivers) of 80 Watt at 8 ohms per channel. I will use a normal CD player (Philips) coaxial cable to connect to DAC. I...
  9. subhobh

    For Sale Acoustic portrait solid state dual-mono integrated amplifier

    Acoustic portrait doesnt need any introduction but for those who dont know, its an Indian audiophile brand with a world-class handcrafted product in lot less money. Hereby, Im offering a custom made integrated amp based on APs flagship AM1 power amp along with an integrated high quality...
  10. Nikhil

    Wanted Acoustic Portrait FS

    I am looking for a pair of Acoustic Portrait speakers (FS preferably) for my setup. I would like to build an all AP setup and would prefer speakers with the Scanspeak drivers that Siva changed to later on although I wouldn't mind picking up a pair with the VIFA drivers as well. Please...
  11. subhobh

    For Sale Acoustic Portrait Scanspeak Floor-standard Speakers.

    I have decided to let go off my beloved Acoustic Portrait Scanspeak Floor standards. These speakers have the Norway made award winning Scanspeak drivers. These drivers are highly praised, and are used in some of the worlds most exceptional high-end Loudspeakers. Sound: Extremely sweet...