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AV Cables
  1. MaSh

    SOLD Acoustic Portrait Swara Tube Pre-amplifier

    Selling my AP Tube Preamplifier. It is about 5 months old and is in absolutely mint condition. This Preamp needs no introduction, its the best Tube Preamp you can get for this price. As you can see in the pictures, I had an extra Pre Out pair added with the intention of using it for a Dual Mono...
  2. seshboxhq

    New Home theatre setup advice

    Hi people, I'm building a dedicated theatre room in my new home which is roughly 13 ft wide and 15.2 ft in length. I know its a little small but this is all i had to work with. People in the city are suggesting all sorts of systems and it has got me confused as shit. Through some online...
  3. F

    For Sale Mint Condition Yamaha Guitar + Tuner + Capo

    Yamaha FS100C, Black Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Hardly used for about 3-4 hours Mint Condition, no kinks, original box intact Purchased at Thomsun Music House with Bill New one online costs 10,500 + shipping Deal also includes: 1) Gadget Hero Capo Clamp (worth Rs.350) 2)...
  4. kumarab

    A Few of My Original Songs

    I have been inactive here for a while, due to reasons I won't bore you with:). Anyway, here are some of my original compositions that I'd like to share with you. The first 2 songs (Bitiya and Pari) are simple acoustic recordings on an el cheapo laptop mic, so the quality isn't very good, but I...
  5. Santy

    Home-made Acoustic Panels!

    I got a limited quantity of Glasswool from some source and decided to put it for good use. And I am glad I tried it. The difference it has made is quite amazing. I now doubt if people who endlessly upgrade their audio system without focusing on acoustic correction of their room, are going in the...