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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. A

    GIK acoustics is back?

    It looks like Audio Note India has been appointed as the distributor for GIK acoustics. They seem to have the entire GIK product catalogue as per the GIK India site - https://www.gikacoustics.in/
  2. I

    Acoustic First / Equipment First

    For the past few days I was reading various threads on the steps to follow for a green field Media Room. The wealth of information is commendable. But it is also reaching overwhelming proportions. Maybe it is time for a few sticky threads Coming to this thread, at few places I read, acoustics...
  3. A

    DIY Acoustic panels

    Material used Rockwool 96 density 2 inch thick plywood speaker box cloth for covering stapler bass trap 4 inch thick COST PER PANEL = 1000/= ROCKWOOL SOURCED FROM coimbatore http://a66.tinypic.com/qs6s69.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/240wqxx.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2468ldk.jpg...
  4. S

    My HT@Hyderabad

    Hello guys, i was looking to build my HT and have been doing some research on the same by going through this forum and sites similar to this. I have gone to different places and had a demo of different setups in Hyderabad and also few places in Coimbatore (checked few places when i went there)...
  5. B

    GIK Acoustics now has distribution in India!!

    Guys, I just happened to get in touch with GIK folks in UK for getting their panels for my Room treatment. I was initially thinking that I need to import it which would end up in 2X the actual cost. But ,to my surprise their marketing manager told me that GIK now have a distributor in India...
  6. A

    Wanted Bookshelf Speakers

    I want a pair of Bookshelves Preferably Boston Acoustics A23/Q Acoustics Q2010-2010i to match with Norge 2060 Or Other Popular Ones only with 15 cm or less width In and around Mumbai Only:)
  7. A

    help for acoustic treatment

    hi, ive purchased the paradigm speakers, but still hearing heavy base in the room ( especially the corners :mad::mad: need some suggestions to fix them
  8. R

    Buiding a Home Theatre - From Scratch

    Hi All, I am new to starting a thread but have been religiously following this space for the past 6 months. I understand that lot of threads were started but I believe each HT can be build in a different way and forum members will get lot of ideas to benefit and share with these efforts...
  9. S

    My HT room acoustic treatment - Need advice

    Hi friends, So i'm converting an existing room into a dedicated HT room. The room is about 15 feet long and 13 feet wide. I have the Magnat 1000 speaker set, without the sub. Planning to buy a sub this month. I'm not much into music and this room will be primarily for movies and maybe to...
  10. S

    Exclusive Home Theater - Acoustics & Blinds Help

    hi everyone, Do help in building a better home AV Room. Attached the floor plan of the Av room, its of 17ft X 11ft size with its RCC ceiling measuring 10ft height. The room has been laid with AC5 grade wooden floor including elevated level for better viewing of rear occupants. One side of...
  11. J

    Audimute - Sound proofing material manufactured using natural/organic materials.

    Hi, I came across the following web site while searching for acoustic materials made up of natural / organic materials. This is the web site of the company. They seem to ship to international destinations, however the shipping prices seem to be pretty expensive. Please check out and let me...
  12. R

    Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS 5.1 , Yamaha NS-P40 or Denon SYS-1312 - Please help?

    Hello, I'm setting up my first budget 5.1 system and require some help on which speakers I should get to mate with either a Denon AVR-1612 or Yamaha rx-v373 receiver. Due to me being in Dubai, UAE, my choices are limited to the following: Boston Acoustics SoundWare XS 5.1...
  13. vramak

    Concrete Block Home Theater - Good Idea ?

    I've read in many websites that unpainted porous concrete block is a excellent sound absorber and also gives optimal reverb time. (Here's one such website - Room Acoustics: Basic Principles of Sound Absorption | ) So, I'm wondering if I should use exposed concrete block walls in the HT I'm...
  14. aloklala

    Journey from Room to Home Theater with DIY Acoustics

    I am on a journey to create a dedicated Home Theater room out of my normal room on the 1st floor of my Noida house. I am startig off today by adding pictures of the bare bone room and the wood I bought to start the acoustics. :yahoo: Details of photos below: 1. 1st photo - Enterance door ro...
  15. jitubisht

    jitubisht's HT build thread...

    ..... so the journey of my dream continues! Now that the civil part of my (going-to-be) HT room is complete and my hunt for a skilled carpenter has also started.. I realize its the right time to start this thread. The room is on the 3rd floor. It is 14' x 19.5' x 8'3". Under the half the...
  16. Raghav

    How you made/are making Home Theater Room?

    Recently, many members on the forum have started making their Home Theater room. Also many already have impressive Home Theaters in use. I thought of having a dedicated thread to compile the experience of all those who have made / are making Home Theater rooms. All are requested to share their...
  17. m4w

    6moons "Room Acoustics Mastery: Expert Feedback" Series

    Two audio experts from Rives Audio co-author a series of articles on improving room acoustics. Good stuff that can get a little technical at times but is aimed at improving small room acoustics...exactly what most of us need. Part 1: Early reflections Part 2: Facts & Myths Part 3: Early...