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active 3 way audio system

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  1. Kannan

    SOLD SOLD Box packed Dayton Audio DSP-408 (Price Reduced)

    SOLD Price: Rs. 21500 Up for grabs is a box packed Dayton Audio DSP-408 along with wired remote commander which serves as a volume control and allows for 6 presets. It can used for designing a full fledged 4-way active setup either at home or car. Power adapter included to use at home. It can...
  2. Kannan

    For Sale Full 3-way active fully balanced home audio system

    Dear friends, I am putting my carefully selected and patiently sourced 3-way active home audio system. This was built with great passion over a period of a few years. The reason for sale is that I am scaling down due to lack of space. Also I have a simpler 2-way passive bookshelf system...
  3. Kannan

    Active home audio setup with software DSP

    I don't know if something similar has been posted before. May not be the most audiophile method, but provides for infinite tuning options. I advice not to try this with any existing factory built/branded speakers by removing the passive crossovers. Any wrong setting can easily blow the...
  4. bijinmb

    Complete DIY Active 3-Way System.

    Hi Folks, It's with great pleasure I am finally able to showcase my 7 months lasted project to our Guild. Active 3-Way Stereo Audio System. Listening Impression: Good sound staging and feels more accurate sound reproduction. The bass is tight and robust. Mid can be bit more open for my...