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active speakers

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  1. D

    KEF LS50 Meta and LS50 II Wireless released

    Happened to chance upon this while browsing through the KEF website: https://international.kef.com/pages/ls50-wireless-2 https://international.kef.com/pages/ls50-meta
  2. captainsubtext


    KEF LSX Wireless active speakers These are the little siblings to the LS 50 Wireless and pack impressive tech and performance for in a diminutive package. These cram in a network streamer, dacs, DSP, amplifiers and KEF's signature UNI-Q concentric drivers in a tiny package for a full hifi...
  3. S

    Powered speakers under 25k INR/350 USD.

    Hi guys, been a long time member and lurker of the forum. I want a powered 2.0 speaker setup preferably with Bluetooth and remote (I want to use it with my TV-firestick combo). My budget is 25k INR or 300 usd (i.e. I can get it from US). Any suggestions?
  4. Black_Hawk

    Edifier S1000DB Question

    Anyone here using the Edifier S1000DB? Edifier S1000DB Active Bookshelf Speakers Reviews are really good on these (read a number of them on the internet) and most people seem to love them for their clean, natural sound. If anyone has them here, would like to hear their feedback as well.
  5. R

    Active Bookshelf Speakers under 15K

    Hi All, 1st post here :) So I am looking for a active bookshelf speakers 2.0 to simply connect to my laptop. I might get a USB DAC / Preamp later if needed. I am not looking for a Bluetooth option I listen to Western Classical and Metal Music so neutral speakers are good but one of my...
  6. R

    For Sale JBL LSR 305 speaker and 310s subwoofer

    For sale is a pair of JBL LSR 305 speakers and LSR 310s sub-woofer. Includes XLR cables for connecting speakers to sub 310s sub-woofer purchased in India in 2017, LSR 305 speakers from the UK in 2016. They are in great condition. Only selling as I am traveling and not able to...
  7. Kannan

    ALLO amplifiers in car

    I was running a 4-way active setup with two Pioneer 944 amps in my Indica. But after 14 years the car started to show its age and was not able to take the high load from the two Pioneer amps which were pushing a 10 inch subwoofer, a pair each of 7 inch mdbass, 4 inch midrange and tweeters. So I...
  8. heliumflight

    Wanted Quad Active Speakers

    Looking for Quad Active Speakers. Do pm or exchange also a possibility.
  9. Kannan

    Active home audio setup with software DSP

    I don't know if something similar has been posted before. May not be the most audiophile method, but provides for infinite tuning options. I advice not to try this with any existing factory built/branded speakers by removing the passive crossovers. Any wrong setting can easily blow the...
  10. T

    ELAC BS 52.2 vs Swans M100MKII

    Aside from Swans' Bluetooth feature, please compare the specifications of these two speakers to suggest which is better? Any links on the Internet about them?
  11. J

    For Sale PreSonus Eris E8 active studio monitors

    Up for sale are my Presonus Eris E8 active studio monitors. These are about a year old. Picked them up locally from Reynold's. Been using them as my main speakers. The speakers have 8" woofers and 140w of amplification per speaker (75w for the woofer, 65w for the tweeter). They have balanced and...
  12. S

    Wharfedale DS-1

    Any thoughts on DS-1? Have a 5 star rating on Whathifi Wharfedale DS-1 review | What Hi-Fi? Seems pretty affordable but currently only available in Europe only I guess.:sad:
  13. S

    These will be my new speakers! Devialet Phantom

    I follow this company (Devialet) and very impressed with their amplifier range and yet to hear their Ensemble (Devialet Amp + Atohm Speakers + Speaker wires) But now with new Phantom, they made everything even better (atleast on paper, as of now). This is an active wireless speaker and that is...
  14. as3ix

    Near Field V/s Far Field Speakers

    Could anyone please elaborate on the difference between Near Field and Far Field Active loudspeakers?Thanks.
  15. K

    active vs. passive speakers

    Hi, hoping to start a constructive discussion here (apologies if this is a duplication, I haven't been able to find a thread about this HFV) about the relative advantage of active vs. passive speakers, and if members can share their experiences regarding this.. My journey in Hifi started 4...
  16. varunjh

    For Sale Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors

    Hi, I'm selling my 2 year old Edirol MA-15D Desktop Monitors. Have been lying unused for the last year since I upgraded to my current Topping tp20 + CA S30 setup. Had planned on using them with my TV and PS3 but didnt really happen. Tech Specs Speaker Units: 10 cm (3-15/16") Woofer...
  17. prepress

    Subwoofer Needed

    Hi All, I need a active subwoofer (above 250-300W, Prefer branded-JBL, Onkyo or any good brand suggession) for my room size 10' X 12'. Let me know if anybody wants to sell his/her.