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active studio monitor

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  1. S

    Audition Audioengine A5+ in Kolkata

    Is there a place we can audition and buy the audiogenie a5+ in Kolkata? It is sold out in snapdeal and coming soon on flipkart. Any other active speakers worth checking out in the same price range (<50K)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. P

    Cleaning of the Monitor Cones

    Hi people, Need help on the cleaning of the Active Monitors i have, YAMAHA HS80M white cones. In india its dusty, all thanx to the neighbouring desert state. so kinda static charge attracts a lots of dust on the cones. these cones are polypropylene cones. if anybody can suggest me how or what...
  3. jls001

    New Active Studio Monitors S-DJ X line from Pioneer

    Expected to be launched soon in the country: RA News: Pioneer introduces new studio monitor line