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active subwoofer

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. S

    Choosing active subwoofer

    I am looking to purchase an active subwoofer that would be paired with a RXV-685 and i have very less knowledge about a good one in the market even after reading through many articles.I am residing in kerala.I dont know if the below ones especially SVS can be had for less offline. Many of these...
  2. Amit sharma 1985

    Need a active subwoofer in good condition and price.

    Hello friends, required a 12"inch to 15"inch active subwoofer in good condition and price. Interested in SVS , REL , VELODYNE , JL AUDIO. but also go for other hifi brand .
  3. S

    AV receiver with a separate connection for an Active Subwoofer Output

    I have a Pioneer XT303 1200W peak car subwoofer (250W normal) and it's plenty loud for me inside small car, so i wants to connect this sub with any 5.1 HT AV receiver. I don't want to buy one 5.1 home theatre system (package) with 5 speakers and another subwoofer. Am looking for a good AV...
  4. Ebenezer

    Subwoofer for 2.1 setup (Yamaha AS500)

    Hello All, I have recently bought Yamaha AS500 amp and WF 10.2 bookshelf speakers. Though it gives a good detail, Initially i was bit annoyed by the too bright tone (too much of High & high mid). However after tweaking (reducing Treble to 10' O clock position) with loudness adjustments, it...