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  1. M

    Need Advice: Speaker Packager for a 20ft X 13ft room

    Guys: I hope to get answers from forum members to help me finalize speakers for my 20 ft X 13ft room. My requirement: - Television 75" LED - Mostly used for Television viewing, Apple Music / iPhone Bluetooth Music and one movie a month Budget: Less than 1 Lac for Speakers and AV...
  2. H

    Soundbar? 2.1??

    Hi guys, Total audio virgin looking for advice so please be as patient and detailed as possible. Facts of the case: Looking for a solution to improve my TV's sound quality (LG 55LA6910). Dialogue clarity is more important than surround sound. Will also use for listening to music...
  3. Z

    Advise for a led tv with good black level

    Hello I want to buy an new tv 32 ~ 42 inch for a small room, i was interested by plasma tv like samsung f4500 or h4500 but i was afraid from the dimmed whites, i'm not interested by the hockey but sometimes on TV shows or animal documentary when the white color is widely present the picture...
  4. P

    Help required a new HiFi system

    Hi All, This is not only my first post but also my first try in buying an hifi system.. My Usage:- Music (mix of all kinds) - 80% Movies - 20% My budget:- Not exceeding INR 100,000, for a pair of tower speakers and an amplifier My room size:- An odd shape, 12*16 ft (with one side...
  5. A

    Buying Advice for WiFi Router :)

    Kindly help me choose a Wifi router. I'm a Hathway Broadband user (not a BSNL/MTNL user, so that rules out ADSL routers/routers+modems). I had some queries, hopefully someone can answer them :). 1. Difference between a N150 and N300 router? 2. Which one of the above to choose if the...
  6. prajith25

    Advice on DAC

    Hi Experts, I am back once again to bug you :) Current Setup: CA 650A amp + Philips DVD player with USB + MS Aviano1 speakers + Q acoustics 2000 Speaker Stand + Normal Audio Cables and interconnects. Room Size: 9*15. I initially had an idea of buying a CD player. But then I have...
  7. V

    Denon + Jamo Setup - Help required

    Hi, I have been reading the posts and have been to a few shops to understand the systems. Based on what I have heard (including Polk, yamaha, denon, onkyo, pioneer, harman kardon, JBL, etc.) I have now narrowed it down to Denon + Jamo setup. I am planning to buy Denon 1312xp (5.1 setup)...
  8. S

    Advice Bowers and wilkins in wall and onkyo avr

    Hello everyone I am renovating a house and building a 5.1 surround sound in one room and adding speakers in two more. I currently have b&w cwm800 x2 Cwm 650x2 and ccm80x4. I am still upgrading my speakers buying and selling as I go. My big question is I'm dedicating a wall to the system...
  9. m4w

    6moons "Room Acoustics Mastery: Expert Feedback" Series

    Two audio experts from Rives Audio co-author a series of articles on improving room acoustics. Good stuff that can get a little technical at times but is aimed at improving small room acoustics...exactly what most of us need. Part 1: Early reflections Part 2: Facts & Myths Part 3: Early...