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Home Theatre Systems
  1. amit11

    Audioengine B-FI streamer (not B1 bluetooth)

    Came across a wifi streamer from audioengine B-Fi. Seems to be a product released recently. This is not the bluetooth version. https://audioengineusa.com/product_tech_specs/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ https://audioengineusa.com/shop/adapters/b-fi-multiroom-music-streamer/ Has airplay...
  2. amit11

    Apple Airplay

    Hi Friends, This might be useful for people who are in the apple ecosystem. Mainly who want to hear music via their apple iphone/ipad, and who want to listen anything they want to which they can play on their iphone/ipad. The benefit of apple airplay is we are not dependent on any app to stream...
  3. SachinChavan

    Is anyone using AirPlay on Bluesound Node 2i?

    Hi guys, Bluesound recently provided AirPlay with their Node 2i model. I am considering buying it. Has anyone of you tried/used the AirPlay on Node 2i? If so, firstly, does it work well? And is the sound quality comparable to if you connected an iPad directly to the USB input of a comparable...
  4. S

    For Sale Libratone Zipp Classic with Red Fabric and Airplay

    I am putting up for sale Libratone Zipp Classic with Red and Fabric Airplay. Bought new by me in USA and it comes with the power supply (which works for India) as shown in pictures. This has served us really well though it was not used much in the recent years. I am attaching some links for...
  5. R

    For Sale Apple Airport Express- Airplay and Airprint (play music to your home theatre via iPhone wirelessly)

    Ive been using this device for the last 2 years and can be seen from the pictures , its been maintained very nicely. If you have a home theatre, connect to this router via 3.5mm jack or optical cable and make your setup wireless. How cool is that? You can even connect a printer via USB port...
  6. S

    Airplay speakers for hometheater use

    Hi all, I am considering buying speakers compatible with Airplay which can also be used with AVR system. I prefer Marantz, Bose and Onkyo. Please suggest the entire configuration. (AVR+Speakers). I can even consider using Airport for the airplay use. Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    Which network AV receiver to buy?

    Hi all, I am looking for a receiver that allows me to: Play 5.1 in my bedroom Play stereo in my bathroom as second zone independently as well as simultaneously Play music from Macbook Control the receiver from bathroom (there is wall between bathroom and amp) Above functionality...
  8. S

    One Portable / All in one to rule them all !!

    Hopefully, now I have got your attention by using LOTR, let me get quickly to what I am talking about. And a bit of brief history to have the relevance / reference in place! I wrote elsewhere that this hobby is where a lot of my free time goes but strangely I ignored the all in one / portable...
  9. S

    Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay Wireless Music System

    I want to buy Bowers & Wilkins A7 AirPlay speakers. I read many reviews, almost all the reviews are in favor of buying this speaker. They all highlighted its sound quality and its price. Has any one in the forum got these speakers? Is it as good as it is mentioned in the reviews? Please share...
  10. S

    Speakers and AVR Suggestion (Airplay)

    Hi , I own iPhone 3rd generation, ipad 2 , mac and a Apple TV. My need is to to build a 2.1 system (Speakers and AVR) to which I can stream music using my devices. I am not sure whether buying an Airplay enabled AVR will make sense or not so looking for guidance around that. 1. Audio...
  11. V

    Airplay issues in Denon AVR 1912

    Hi Ive recently got a Denon 1912. It has a few issues with the iPad 2 controls. 1 Airplay: Frequent dropouts 2 Denon Remote App: Worked on Day 1, says connection failed now. Note that internet radio works perfectly, so does the Web app. So, its clearly not a network issue with the...
  12. K

    Airplay headaches

    Its been less than 2 hours with the Denon 1912 at home and am trying to get airplay to work. 1. Is Airplay wireless, purely wireless? 2. Airplay works on my Mac, and it recognises the Airport Express router. 3. Denon AVR keeps telling me no network (of course there is no network, as there...
  13. iRock

    What to buy ... Onkyo SR608 or NR609 or Pioneer 1021k

    Hello Folks.. I am in serious dilemma. I want to buy my first dedicated AVR and I am not sure what to buy. So far i have shortlisted 1. Onkyo NR609 2. Pioneer 1021K These fit my budget perfectly and seems to offer great vfm. Feature set is mostly identical on both these receivers...