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  1. I

    Dilemma Tata Sky v/s Airtel

    My patience with Hathway is over. Although their service is good, they don't have intention to give dolby digital to at least all movie channels. My costly HT setup is not getting utilized. I'm thinking of trying Tata Sky or Airtel DTH. I have feedback from this forum that Airtel has very good...
  2. M

    Airtel Internet TV

    Airtel has launched new STB, which is basically Android TV. So once connected to your wifi/Ethernet, you can do all sorts of things - youtube, Netflix, Chromecast/google cast. They are also in negotiation to bring amazon prime. As part of introductory offer, STV+12 months of all channels...
  3. A

    Airtel HD Upgrade disappointment

    Today I got my SD to HD+ upgrade for Airtel DTH. I must say that I am completely disappointed with the entire process and its output. They gave me a STB with only HDMI ports. No Video Component output, i.e. no YPbPr/YCbCr out. The problem is that my TV has just 2 HDMI ports and now one port...
  4. MaSh

    No HD Channels on Airtel DTH

    Hi, Is it just me or are there others in Bangalore who lost their HD channels today? As per airtel, its an upgrade gone bad which resulted in plans getting changed to SD only. The upgrade it seems is in progress and all channels should be restored soon. Any one else facing this issue...
  5. J

    Netflix on Apple TV

    Hello, I have an Airtel broadband connection at home and i have connected this to a DD-WRT Linksys E2500 OpenVPN Router. The speed i get through my traditional Beetel router is 4mbps or so but when i connect through the DD-WRT router the speed is only 0.03mbps. What could be the cause of this...
  6. J

    Extremely Pathetic service from Airtel 4G

    Dear Friends, I ordered an Airtel 4G dongle. Airtel was very prompt till they got my money and after that they don't care to enable / activate my account. Its more than 3 days and I was promised 2 days activation. When I call them, they just show their rude and bad attitude and never...
  7. S

    Airtel HD dth 5.1 connection settings..?

    Hey guys I am new in here, so please excuse if i am a bit amature OKay , so i have A Sony KLV600Ex 40" LED HDTV A Sony Home theatre DAV 810 and an Airtel HD STB I got 2 HDMI Cables and one, belkin optical cable (toslink) Now since my airtel hd stb cant get the toslink in I...
  8. G

    A-la-carte channels on DTH (preferably Airtel)

    Any member has experience in selecting channels in a-la-carte mode, particularly on airtel ? All DTH operators offer the facility of individually selecting the channels, rather than one of the package. Some time back, when I attempted this on my airtel dth, there was a condition that...
  9. D

    No 5.1 sound on Airtel HD over HDMI

    I have recently bought a Onkyo 3400 and connected airtel HD STB through HDMI.However Onkyo shows the input as 2.0 channel PCM - even when I am viewing HD channels (Mov now, NGC HD and Discovery HD). However I am able to get Dolby sound when I use a Coaxial connection from the STB to the AVR...
  10. J

    Picture freeze/blackout on AIRTEL HD

    I am facing frequent picture freeze and backout on my AIRTEL HD connection. My connection is new one (1 month) and per service guys, its pointing to new satelite. Sometimes it lasts upto 5 min. I will eventually call the customer care guys, but need some information on what is the reason...
  11. A

    Remote Preset Codes for Airtel DTH STB

    Hi, I just got my new Denon 1611. I could program it's remote to control my LG DVD player. I am now trying to program my Airtel DTH STB but I can't find Airtel in the list of SAT entries. Has anyone programmed Denon 1611 remote to control Airtel DTH STB? Thanks in advance... Avinash