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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
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    For Sale Epoz Aktimate Mini+ Active Speakers

    Looking to sell a pair of Aktimate Mini+ Active Speakers. Cosmetic condition: 9.5/10 near mint, they have no scratches or general wear and tear marks Functional condition: 10/10, good as new I compared them to Swans, Audioengine etc and found the Aktimate is a much more clean sound...
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    Have Akitimate Maxi..but moving on... whats next for a happy listner like me...HELP!

    Hello everybody. Its wonderful to get lost in the world of Hi-Fi audio. Though I have been away for a while and I am by no measure an audiophile. But I love my music. I love my bollywood, my electronic and ghazals.and rockeverything else like the most of you here. In July after a lot...
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    Finally going Active...Need some Help

    After spending a lot of time researching and some time auditioning (Constraints of my location) i have decided to go the active route for my first set of good speakers. As my source is my PC and the quality of tracks ranges from 320 KBps to Flac, i think active bookshelves make sense. I wanted...
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    Aktimate mini or Audioengine 5 or other 2.1

    Hi Been around this forum for a while i realised, i dont really need amp+ stereo setup for my 320 kpbs and other mp3 kind of music. convinced that such a setup would be overkill i decided to go for good PC speakers as my use is mainly music and some moveis for a near field use. as...