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  1. M

    Zavvi and theHut for BDs & DVDs- from UK

    Considering that some of the board members has already used the services of Zavvi/ theHut (they are part of the same company though they have two sites and offers are sometime different) and I have been monitoring their offers and services for quite sometime now, hence decided to start a new...
  2. S

    Amazon uk delivery time

    Hi Guys, I placed an order on Jan 7. I have not yet received it. Any idea? how long does it take nowadays. Do they use Indian Post to deliver it ?
  3. H

    PS3 Games Region Code

    Can anyone please let me know if I purchase any PS3 Game from Amazon.co.uk and try to play them on my PS3 purchased from India will I face any region code related iossue? On amazon there is no region filter search for PS3 Games. On the internet there are several links some which say that games...