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  1. baala

    VUUV X96 Android 6.0 UHD 4K Smart TV Box - Owners Thread

    Dear all, In the forum after a really long time!!! Good to be back.... My Himedia HD600C has been acting really funny in the recent past..... First the fan stopped working in 2015 (which was in a way good, as the noise was too much)... For the last 2-3 months, it started ejecting the HDD...
  2. A

    Amlogis S912 Box Release?

    Dear Folks, Was wondering if anyone has any pointers to the release of Amlogic S912 boxes? I am waiting for its release but could not find any info anywhere. Thanks.
  3. H

    Amlogic 8626H based Media Players

    Hi Guys would anyone have any idea how good these players are. as mentioned in this page here : http://www.iboum.com/net-media-players.php?sort=sortdate&chip=amlogic&pfilt=&hdd=&net=&fan=&lcd=&dts=&dtsp=&dolbt=&dolbtp=no&dtsma=&dtsmap=&year=&ppp=40&bd=&dvd=&netflix=&pg=1&rp=camlogic...