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amp + dac

Home Theatre Systems
  1. dazzwilliams

    Wanted Integrated AMP + DAC for 20-30k

    Hello Im looking for an Integrated Amp + DAC do drive my kit made MTM Configuration speakers with MCM mid 6" drivers and SB Acoustics tweeters. Whole speaker rated at 4 ohm. These are flat tuned. (amp rating required 100+ wpc? Not sure in this aspect) Room size is 15 x 12 ft and main usage...
  2. T

    Connecting a network player with Integrated amp query?

    I am new to HiFi and looking to build a stereo system with peachtree nova300 as my amp/dac. I need something to read my audio files mostly flacs and dsfs, for that I am looking into a network player but as far as I know network players already have a DAC in them so what would happen If I...
  3. bipin1143

    Wanted Topping Desktop Speaker AMP and DAC

    Needed a desktop speaker AMP and DAC from TOPPING brand Preferably TOPPING PA3 [Speaker Amp] TOPPING D50[DAC] This is for my small room desktop setup. Alternative suggestions are welcome
  4. M

    Mobile DAC/AMP: Creative E5 vs Oppo HA-2 vs Chord Mojo

    Friends, I am trying to wet my feet into audiophile listening and looking to buy few items from US. So far I have Momentum-On-ear wireless with APTX and my tab too supports APTX. Although I am happy with my setup, can't carry tab during commute and not allowed in office as well. Hence I am...
  5. A

    For Sale Fiio Q1 DAC+AMP , Bose Soundtrue Earphones

    Ola Fellow people, I am putting up for sale the following two items as i am upgrading my IEMs to RHA and I dont use the DAC/Amp much so would like them to go to someone who will do them more justice. 1. Bose soundsport earphones Quoting Price : 5000 INR age: 2 months condition: Mint...
  6. ketansethi1987

    Integrated Stereo Amp + DAC for Rs. 1200

    This thread is going to be interesting!!!! I was using this amp from the company named WOOBS for about 3 years which had performed really well. It started giving some minor problems with the switches to be used for selecting the source. And later the power button also started giving me...