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amp speaker combo

Mogami Cables
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    Yamaha HTR-3067 + Yamaha NS-PA150 + Polk Audio Sub PSW 110; is it a good choice ?

    Hello all, I am looking for a basic level Home theater unit for my home. After doing checks, reviews, research, I have finalized below models. Yamaha HTR-3067 + Yamaha NS-PA150 + Polk Audio Sub PSW 110; AVR: 3067 (not 2067): 25k Yamaha NS-PA150: 10.5k Polk Audio Sub PSW 110: 17k...
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    Need help looking for budget Amplifier for Living Cum Dining room

    Hi all, I came across this forum and I liked the "personal sharing" of once experience on the products. The in depth discussion without hurting anyone is impressive. I request your comment on the following requirement- Audio Preference - Listening to music 70% and videos(DTH content HD...
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    Mini HiFi setup for max 25k

    Hi there I need your help in setting up my mini HiFi setup to be connected to my laptop/PC. the things i will need are Speakers(active/passive+amp) and a Good DAC. how do studio monitor speakers compare with HiFi ones for music listening? I am thinking of getting M audio Bx5 D2 which is...
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    Compatible Speakers for Marantz SR4021

    Hi All, I know this is a basic question, but any help is more than welcome. I have a stereo setup- Marantz SR4021 2 channel Amp hooked to Tannoy Fusion Mercury 1 Speakers with custom made cables. I know that this amp drives 80W/channel, I'm thinking of upgrading my book shelf speakers...