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  1. Z

    Connecting 2 amps to 1 pair of speakers

    Hello FMs Please help answer one query. Present Scenario: I have a 2 channel amp connected to a pair of Jamo C809 floor standing speakers. The speakers have 2 pairs of connectors at the back. I have connected the 2 channel amp to one pair and the 2nd pair is free on both the speakers...
  2. P

    Suggestion please: Planning to buy Denon AVR-S720W

    Hi, I am new to AVR's and HT's. Planning to get Denon AVR-S720W from US to India, any thoughts if it works well india? or any precautions that i need to take?
  3. R

    Remote For Marantz PM 6004

    Hello All I have a marant pm6004 amp. Unfortunately, the battery of the remote leaked and spoiled the volume and channel functions. :sad::sad: A new remote from the company is costing my upwards of INR 6k. Can some one suggest a universal remote or some cheaper alternative which can...
  4. ShutterX

    Resource on tube amplifiers (headphone)

    I am planning to buy a tube amplifier. it will be used with my recently acquired Audio Technica AD700x. I am looking for the warm sound that eases out harsh highs and smoothens bass. The issue is that I dont know anything about Tube amps. How much difference do different tubes make to the...
  5. K

    Which NAD for the Rti A7?

    Hi Guys, I've narrowed down my speakers to the Polk Audio Rti A7s and now I need a matching amp. They're going to be used in a stereo setup in my living / drawing room. Music genres are going to be light jazz / lounge / house / vocals. I like good bass. Source is going to be a basic...
  6. G

    Circuitry inside the 741 op amp

    A detailed explanation of the structure and pictures of 741 op amp: Understanding silicon circuits: inside the ubiquitous 741 op amp
  7. G

    Shopping advice for a NOOB

    Hello all! I have been having this overwhelming urge to build a turntable, hifi system and have just started the process. I am brand new to the vinyl world but something is calling me to it. I think it's that I want to really connect with my favorite music and make an actual experience out of...
  8. rockypro1

    Hi Fi Flexy Rack home made.

    Hi all. I've been registered here a while but this is my first post. Oh well better late that never. Well here are some videos of the making of my hi fi flexy rack. Also a picture video slideshow and then pictures of the hi fi now. Build part 1. https://youtu.be/SOb_bk5GOxw Build...
  9. taranfx

    For Sale NAD 356BEE + modular DAC

    Selling 1 year old Audiophile Stereo system. Condition: Like new. No scratches, kept very carefully. Almost like new with packings available. Faults: none. Perfect sound everytime City: Only Delhi NCR Reason for sale: Moving abroad. I wish I could take them along :sad: Expected price...
  10. C

    Desktop amp for HE-400

    Hi, I've been using the HE-400 from the laptop using the Fiio X3 as DAC/Amp. It sounds fine as is, but the sound improved a whole lot with a borrowed O2 amp. I'm looking to get my own amp and have been considering the Fiio E12. It fits the bill in every way, except I don't need the...
  11. P

    Need help looking for budget Amplifier for Living Cum Dining room

    Hi all, I came across this forum and I liked the "personal sharing" of once experience on the products. The in depth discussion without hurting anyone is impressive. I request your comment on the following requirement- Audio Preference - Listening to music 70% and videos(DTH content HD...
  12. J

    Whole Home Audio - Amp Help

    Hello! I need a little help figuring out if an amp is good enough for a job. I don't normally do this type of work but a friend built a new house and I wanted to help him any way I could. I installed 2 of these speakers in the living room (suggested 70w amp) 10 of these speakers in 5...
  13. N

    Suggested Setup to Feed Sennheiser HD650

    i bought Sennheiser HD650. my source is laptop inspiron 15R windows 7 right now. i need a DAC , Amp or Combo to pair the Sennheiser HD650 with my laptop. can u suggest the best setup.
  14. Jayann

    Which is the Best sound system I can get under 60k

    Friends, I request your expert advice in buying a good sound system under 60k. Expected usage of sound system are... - Movies 30% - Airtel digital TV 30% - Music 30% - PS3 Gaming 10% Existing Gadgets I have which I would like to connected... (If possible) - 46" Sony LED - PS3 console - Sony 3...
  15. T

    For Sale Lyrita 2A3 SET amp

    Folks, My Lyrita 2A3 SET amp is up for sale. Yes I still adore it. But unfortunately I have little or no time at home to sit and listen to the setup. People in Chennai who know me will be aware of the whys :). My long absence from the forum too is because of the same reason. And I feel that...
  16. T

    Does this speaker/amp combination work well?

    I apologize in advance for the length, but I wanted to supply as much info as possible since most people, when they ask a question like this, give very little and it seems like you need a lot. I have an old Pioneer GM-2000 amp and 2 Kenwood CM-5 speakers from my dad. The amp is a PWM power...
  17. G

    Help me in setting player amp and speaker

    I bought amp ie sonodyne sia 310 and sonodyne sonus speakers, floorstanding. now I need to connect player to amp and then connect amp to the speakers. What kind of wires and/or cables would I require, could you give me the brand name please and a rough estimate of price too. Thank you...
  18. kittu8_in2002

    Amp for Pioneer TS-G624::plz suggest

    I bought a Kenwood HU model KDC-U353A along with pioneer speakers TS-G624 specs for the speakers are :: Specifications TS-G624 Size 16cm Max. Music Power (Nominal) 250W (40W) Frequency Response 31 Hz to 29 kHz Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 90 db Impedance 4 ? Mounting Depth 42mm...
  19. G

    Yamaha A S1000+CD S1000 for 90,000/- with BW

    This is a absolute cracker of a deal guys ........ Brand New Black color This award winning combination MRP is around 1,90,000/- A S1000 CD S1000
  20. A

    Denon / Marantz AVR

    Dear All, This is my first post and I am a total amateur in the HT world. Need advice from all Gurus of these forum. Mt drawing room is 12 * 10 ft with wooden flooring and the distance from my system to the sitting area will be approx 9 ft. The system needs will be connected to LCD TV...