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  1. S

    Wanted Need an amplifier

    Hi All, Need an amplifier for my Bose Acoustimass® 5 Series V stereo speaker system. Since my Vintage Pioneer 456 amplifier gave up last week. Best Suresh
  2. U

    Does presence of optical (TOSLINK) input imply a DAC?

    (Feeling really stupid asking this but my understanding of underlying electronics and electricals is very limited.) If an amplifier (or any other device for that matter) accepts an optical (TOSLINK) input and outputs an analog signal, then it will always have some kind of digital-to-analogue...
  3. sumanhomroy

    For Sale NAD C370 amplifier featuring 4 speaker outputs

    Description: Remote-controlled integrated amplifier with seven line-level inputs (including two tape in/record out); preamp out/main in, and a second preamp out with up to 12dB attenuation; NAD Link; Soft Clipping and Bridging switches. Output power: 120Wpc (20.8dBW), continuous average power...
  4. K

    Amp for Home - ceiling speakers

    Hi Friends I bought a house where the previous owner has installed ceiling speakers in all the rooms and have given the output at one place in the hall. The speakers are Byford Audio CH705/5 with power 10W/100V and individual controls in all the rooms. I want to buy an AMP preferably...
  5. H

    Which speakers and amp for music in a bedroom

    Hi guys! I'm looking to make my first hifi purchase soon. I originally set myself a budget of 40k, but I can push upto 75k for a killer set up. I have a 13*10 room. I'm looking for a stereo setup as I'm mostly interested in music. I think i'll prefer bookshelf style speakers considering...
  6. M

    Best Combination for Etios VD

    Hello All, I wish to change the company fitted sys in my Etios VD. HU- Pioneer FH-P6050UB Bass Tube- Rockford Speakers- Rockford Amp- Rockford Suggestions needed as to what wld b the best combination?? Thanks
  7. L

    Best VFM Audio Video Receiver/Amplifier

    Hello dear Hifi friends, Here i need your suggestion on buying a value for money Audio video Receiver (like, onkyos or yamahas, etc of the world). I have been baffled by the choices and can't seem to make head or tail out of it. My requirements are following: 1. A AVR system which has a...
  8. C

    New HT set up help

    I am planning to set up a HT at my room. it is 12 X 18. I am interested in pristine Audio quality and right now I am least interested in Video quality. My current budget is 35k. I have learnt that the budget is on the lower side. I am ok to slowly grow my set up. yo begin with i am looking fwd...