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amplifier brands

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  1. H

    Stereo Receiver vs Network Receiver

    Hi All, I'm new to audio systems. Kindly advise to setup a good audio system. My budget is about 150k for all the set up [ receiver or amplifier , player and speakers ] go for receiver is a better option or with amplifier ? what models are the best in my budget. how about network stereo...
  2. S

    Suggestion for all room music system for home

    Our new home is under construction. We are thinking about connected speakers in rooms. Music will be same on all rooms from a central control or music player. Major requirement is audio levels in each room can be controllable. Mainly volume, bass and treble. Each rooms there should be atleast 2...
  3. N

    Many people suggest Norge. What other brands compete with this?

    Hello All, I found that many people here are suggesting Norge 2060 or Nore gold1000. Just out of curiosity I am asking, what other amplifier brands are available within the same price range (10-15k) that can compete with Norge in terms of music quality? Can anybody throw some light...
  4. C

    AVR is not needed...a simple amplifier will do !!

    Hello All, I am looking for a budget amplifier that is powerful and simple. The following are my simple requirements: 1. It should be 5.1 channel 2. BASS TREBLE and VOLUME control through remote. (3.HDMI or Optical inputs if possible) (4. Ability to switch between 5.1 and 2.1 channel...
  5. A

    Suggest a decent Indian amplifier for home

    I'm currently staying in Ludhiana. Good Indian amplifier brands are very hard to find here. Please suggest some good amplifier and place where I can buy them. Delhi is approachable.
  6. prepress

    DIY vs Branded

    I was thinking to get a Yamaha AX-900, 130W per channel, weight is around 18kg. Its specs seems similar like Yamaha's new model A-S3000 (VU Meter model). YAMAHA AMPLIFIER LINK I had a DIY amp which was lying in store for few years. Assembled in 2008 (I remember) used DEXA assembled kit 650W...
  7. Z

    Which Amplifier...

    Hi This is my first journey towards high end hi fi systems & am confused. I'm listing down some queries which I request you guys to answer. 1. As said above am planning to go for a high end 2 channel audio system, pls. tell me shall I go for an amplifier first or speakers first ? 2. I...