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  1. S

    Vintage Onkyo TX-DS939 and JBL L7

    Hi everyone! I was searching around for a community that would know about some of the older stuff I still have, some of which was my father's, and found this forum because there's a post about the primary item I was wondering what to do with -- an Onkyo TX-DS939. My brother wants to donate it...
  2. A

    Wanted Pre-Power Amplifier And Subwoofer

    Hi all. Looking for a good powerful German or American made Pre-power amp and also a subwoofer (12-15 inches). Planning to add these to my stereo setup. Budget is not a constraint. The only constraint is that it would be nice if I could audition them in Bengaluru or if you're a seller who's...
  3. haisaikat

    For Sale Cambridge Audio AZUR 650A Integrated Stereo Amplifier

    For sale is my Cambridge Audio stereo integrated amplifier AZUR 650A. It has served me very well since 2012 and still going strong although used sparingly. I am the second owner, purchased from another FM here named Robin Landanson from Tamilnadu which when he was selling was only 1 year old...
  4. chandu2106

    Potentiometer repair/replacement | Bangalore

    Friends, My vintage stereo Amp's Balance and Volume knobs are giving hard time. Do we have any person in Bangalore who does the repair or replacement of Potentiometer. Got one contact from one of our FM "MASH", but his place is very far from mine. Please provide me contacts if you have any...
  5. E

    Amp/dac for AKG K7XX

    hi guys, i brought a pair of K7XX from u.s, I will be listening to music through my desktop using apple music and spotify, and playing games with a modmic attached. I need an amp/dac in a $60 budget. so far i have shortlisted Fiio e10K - 55 Used schiit Magni 1st gen - 60 Behringer U phoria...
  6. A

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier

    Any integrated amps for sale in Bangalore? I am trying to match my Dali Z3s, so I will need an audition and hence would prefer a Bangalore seller.
  7. D

    Good place for Car speakers and great installer guy

    I was at this birthday party at a banquet hall the other day and found gold. A street named as radio street, in karol bagh. Here there were plenty of shops selling car speakers and equipment, seat covers and other accessories and at very reasonable prices. i bumped into this guy named Hunny...
  8. plasmoid

    Technics SU-V90D Integrated Amplifier

    Hi all, Just wanted your valuable opinions on this amp. I did a bit of research and found out this was at the top of the technics line in the late 80's/early 90's. Just have a few questions... 1.I am presently using a Marantz PM7000 to drive Wharfedale speakers. Will the Technics be a big...
  9. A

    Denon Ultra high current push pull design stereo integrated amplifier

    Listing up my Denon Pma 1500 RII . This is a rare High current gem of an amp from Denon japan division.(made in japan) Very conservatively rated at 70watt rms @ 8 ohms. and 140 @ 4 ohms. Actual measured power is 100 watt rms @ 8 ohms. Its a ultra high current MOS push pull amplifier. For those...
  10. A

    For Sale Apple AirPods for exchange

    Selling my pair of Apple AirPods. Looking for an Amplifier in exchange for it rather than selling for cash. Looking for Marantz or any good integrated stereo amp. I am reachable on whatsapp at 8884851639. Thanks.
  11. B

    For Sale Onkyo NR626 AV Receiver in very good condition

    Very well maintained Onkyo NR626 AV receiver for sale. Product details: Price : 17000 Rs Age : 3 years Condition : Very well maintained . Almost looks like new Ownership history : single owner I am willing to give along with the step down transformer Description : TX-NR626 comes...
  12. A

    Chinese amplifiers and DACs?

    Hey guys, So I settled for the Dali Zensor 3 speakers. Currently running it in my HT setup for run in. Planning to move it into the room soon. Has any of you had any 'wow' experiences with chinese amps and DACs? I am curious enough to try one for the Z3. I usually shop on Aliexpress...
  13. A

    Which amp good to drive these bookshelf speakers

    Which would be the perfect amp to drive a pair of Dali Zensor 3s? I have read that they go really well with a Marantz. My hunt for speaker is over and might settle with a Z3. So now, starting the lookout for a matching amp. Please consider giving your inputs as I would love to get the...
  14. K

    Servicing an old stereo amplifier in Pune

    Hi, I would like to know if you could kindly suggest a good technician in PUNE who could repair an old Sansui stereo amplifier. It is like 20 years old and, while the speakers make some noise when connected, most of the tone controls including balance do not work. I guess I need someone...
  15. N

    Cheap and best 5.1 surround amplifiers

    Hi guys, Are there any cheap and best 5.1 surround amplifiers in the market??? Requipment is Something like .... add this amplifier to AirtelDTh settop box and drive 5.1 speakers. (Everyone is talking about 2.0 sterio amplifiers only... im wondering if 5.1 surround amplifiers are...
  16. J

    Connecting phono stage to integrated without phono input

    Hi! I'm new in this forum, this is my first thread. In advance, please sorry for my English, I'm from Argentina. (And for my ignorance too!) Well, the thing is I've bought a turntable (Holimar 4, made in the good ol' argentinian times) with a Goldring 2200 cartridge (Goldring - Goldring 2200...
  17. A

    Wanted - Symphonic line, accuphase, highend power integrated amp

    Hello, I'm looking for an integrated amp min 100-150W. Preferably something from Symphonic line, Accuphase or equivalent. Budget is Rs. 2-3L depending on what is being offered. Thanks.
  18. Kannan

    Class A ADCOM Car amplifier at home

    Had been eyeing Class A amps for sometime, but could not find anything in my budget. Then managed to procure a well received ADCOM 2-channel vintage car audio amplifier. Model GFA-4302: Looks like a dual mono design as it has separate gain pot for each channel. Class A operation to the...
  19. R


    Hello, I am using Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 CHANNEL 4K ULTRA HD RECEIVER and willing to sale. Regards Sudharshan.E Elac B6,Pioneer BS-SP-22, PIONEER-SPC-22, Yamaha RX-V675
  20. I

    Audiophile setup at budget price

    Hello folks I came across very interesting thread Audiophile-Grade Hi-Fi On A Budget Please add your inputs also.