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  1. M

    First Time Buyer Bookshelf Speakers+Amplifier Recommendation Needed.

    Hello everyone, I am an absolute new entrant in the Hi-fi Audio world and to say that I am flummoxed by choices and terminologies would be an understatement. Nevertheless, I have a budget of 30K to make an entry as of now. ( I can invest more but with keeping in mind the law of diminishing...
  2. U

    Amplifier or DAC for active speakers and headphones for about ~25K (sweet/warm signature)

    Greetings! I am looking for either an amp or a DAC though not sure what will be good. Most of the collection is MP3s, a few FLACs and libraries in streaming apps ~ rock, metal and related genre. The speakers are Marshall Stanmore and headphone is a 32ohm Beyerdynamic (not at all hard to drive)...
  3. N

    Small amps.. Lepy LP-2020A or Nobsound-F900. Has any one tried with tower speakers ??

    Hello all, Has any one tried small amplifiers like Lepy LP-2020A or Nobsound-F900? Which one is better? Secondly is it ok to connect them to tower speakers? (from Taga TAV606SE) I just want to try any one of these amps. But I cant buy both at a time. So, can anyone throw some light...
  4. A

    Rotel Amplifiers and Receivers---REPAIRS

    Would anyone be able to suggest a dealer or individual in Maharshtra (eg Mumbai, Pune) who could repair a Rotel Amplifier that I have. It is at present lying with one leading dealer in Mumbai but their response is exteremely slow. Thanks Ravi Mehta
  5. S

    Tracing The PeeCeeBee

    Hello Friends! First of all, Happy New Year! Now, You may or may not heard about VSSA, the Very Simple Symmetrical Amplifier popularized on the diyAudio forums by LazyCat. But a couple year ago I designed and printed a layout of one of the simplest versions of the amplifier that is called...
  6. M

    AB class power amplifiers

    we design and manufacture high end power amplifiers in AB class topology. power ranging from 100 watt rms per channel to 2500 watts rms per channel. these amps are capable to handle impedance loads as low as o.25 ohms(ZX series amplifiers) to 2 ohms (QMX series) . AB class amplifiers deliver...
  7. A

    Which Speakers + Amplifier (Newbie)

    Dear members, It's great to see such a forum of music aficionados discuss speakers, electronics etc. and I hope I can benefit from your vast expertise and experience in procuring a set of speakers and amplifier. My budget is 40-50k rupees. Usually I listen to hindustani classical music...
  8. D

    New to this domain!

    Hello everyone! Though I love traditional music, speakers or amplifiers making difference to the quality sound has never popped up in my mind. Until recently when I visited one of my friend who has whole arrangement of hi-fi products and all branded in his house. It is that I tasted that...
  9. W

    Greeting All nice to be the hifivision forum member

    Greeting All nice to be the hifivision forum member. My Name : Willy I live in Seattle WA US my hometown in New Delhi... Thanks Willy www/willyaudiousa/com
  10. B

    Stores Recommendations to buy Speakers

    Hello friends, Any recommendations on places where I can try and buy speakers for setting up an A/V setup at home? I live in Bangalore - looking for suggestions in/around Koramangla, Jayanagar, Indira Nagar, Domlur, MG Rd, etc. Thanks!
  11. K

    Amplifier power confusion - for floor standers

    Hello dear FMs Am in the lookout for decent floor standers and have auditioned KEF Q900, MA RX6, Heco Victa Metas 501, B&W 684, Focal apart from Polk Rti & Yamaha series which I did not prefer though. Am yet to decide between MA RX6, Heco Metas 501 or B&W 684. Am told by the dealer...
  12. N


    i want to buy amplifier in rs 10000-15000/- for my laptop and led tv. Please help..............i have first time to buy amplifier and not known features of amplifier.
  13. Z

    Which Amplifier...

    Hi This is my first journey towards high end hi fi systems & am confused. I'm listing down some queries which I request you guys to answer. 1. As said above am planning to go for a high end 2 channel audio system, pls. tell me shall I go for an amplifier first or speakers first ? 2. I...
  14. A

    Pulz RS 250 BAL

    Hi, Am new here, i would like to know more about the Pulz RS 250 BAL, I was going through pulz's new website n i stumbled upon this amp- Pulz RS 250 BAL I would like to know if its different from the RS250...i would like to know if its neutral or coloured, and also its technical...
  15. P

    Suitable amplifier for Bose speaker

    Hi guys I am planning to buy bose speaker accostic mass 5 series3. Kindly advise latest matching amplifier below 40 k price
  16. O

    Speakers for my Topping Amp

    I have recently bought the following amplifier, USB DAC and connectors and am looking to buy a set of speakers and speaker connectors to complete the set. 1. Topping TP20 Mark II Power Amplifier. 2. Nuforce Icon uDAC 2 USB DAC. 3. A pair of gold plated 22 AWG RCA connectors (~ 2 m). 4...
  17. M

    Low Priced Good Quality Amp chips

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy/build a dual IC amplifier for home use. I would use the same for driving my speakers Bass 12?, Mid 6? and Dome Tweeter 1.25?. I love loud but distortion free quality sound output with heavy bass. Looking on the internet I found lots of chips that can be used...
  18. denzong

    For Sale Yamaha AS 500 Amp

    hi All, i want to sell off my Yamaha AS 500. it was bought on 16.10.11 @ Rs. 22500. Selling it because i want to consolidate my systems and from the past 6 months, there is no use of it. has just been lying in the box (have all original bills and boxes, etc.) This system may have not...
  19. N

    Denon AVR-2803 (HELP NEEDED)

    Hello Everyone, I'm a complete Noob at this and need a bit of help please. Ive had a surround sound system for a couple years now, I had a Sony DAV S800 the set up on this was really easy it was kinda just plug in and go. yesterday i changed out my amp to a Denon AVR-2803 to which i have...
  20. R

    AVR for Polk Lsi9

    Hi guys, A newcomer to this forum. Purchased a pair of Polk Lsi9 speakers from one of our forum members last week.. now the search for the amp and a good source begins.. Would appreciate your views on the good avr's that go well with the Lsi9's. My preference is Marantz but would like to hear...