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apple tv

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  1. thedude

    SOLD Apple TV 3 With Box

    ***Getting too many low ball offers. Plz reach out only if willing to pay asking asking price plus shipping at actuals*** Apple TV 3 with remote, power cable and box as pictured. Bought in 2014. Used till a few months ago. Works flawlessly. Condition: 8.5 considering age. Reason for sale: Got...
  2. kapvin

    SOLD Kapvin's once in a decade spring-cleaning - Part 2 -AV sources

    Greetings fellow forum members, I wrote about my decennial spring cleaning activity in my previous post and the reason I am doing this Spring cleaning part 1 I am putting up stuff for sale, which I now realise that I should have years ago, in the hope that some of this may be useful to...
  3. cybervinay

    For Sale Roku 3 HD Media Player

    Used Roku 3 HD Streamer Player for sale I am the original owner, not using it any more as moved to Apple TV 100% working condition / Clean as very light used Asking INR 4500 plus 500 for shipping
  4. I

    For Sale Apple TV for sale

    Brand/Model: Apple TV 3 (1080P) Age/Ownership: 1.5 year. Second owner. Cosmetic Condition: 10/10 (Scratch less like a showroom condition) Working Condition: 10/10. Purchase History: Bought in India. No bill and warranty Color: Black Accessories: Original Box, Power Cable, Remote, and...
  5. generalxxxstark

    Wanted Looking for an entry level 4k Bluray Player & Apple TV 4k.

    Hello All, I'm looking for an entry level "budget" 4k blu-ray player to replace my xbox one x. Should have HDR10 support at the least. Initially was planning to get an oppo 203 but will have to postpone that upgrade for later down the road. Also need a used Apple TV 4k, storage doesn't matter...
  6. K

    Apple TV 4K for tv+ ?

    I was thinking of getting apple tv 4K for my LG C8 to watch tv+ and since rumours are also floating around for disney plus launch by march 31. I read that tv+ is censored here. Is it on an acceptable level that doesn’t affect the story? Are there any fm who use Apple TV 4K with LG WebOS. Do you...
  7. G

    For Sale Sold - Multiple hifi items - Qed reference Xt speaker cable , Apple TV3, Amazon fire tv 4K stick , Cyp Audio hdmi Audio extractor

    1. Amazon fire tv stick 4K new unused with original box and accessories. Price:5600 2. Apple TV 3, 100% working. Price: 3800 3. Qed reference xt 40 award winning speaker cable 1.5 m pair. Months old: 10 months Price: 2800 4. Cyp audio hdmi Audio extractor. Months old: 12 months Price: 3000...
  8. drkrack

    For Sale NAD D3020, SMSL Su-8 ,Modi Multibit DAC, APPJ Mini 2013 Tube Amp,Apple TV 3rd Gen

    Hello Everyone, These are Few Items Lying Unused Selling as Part of New Year Closet Clearance.. 1. NAD D3020 V1 : Integrated amp, Less than Year Old , Cosmetically 9/10 Working 10/10 , Comes with remote and Box. Used sparingly in TV setup hardly 100hrs. Typical NAD signature with Sub out and...
  9. gurujee

    Wanted Apple TV 4

    Hi Want to have used Apple TV 4 at reasonable price. Thank You.
  10. R

    For Sale Apple TV 2nd Gen - HD Wireless Media Streamer- Make any TV-Smart TV-Stream content via iPhone/Mac

    Got this specifically because it could be jailbroken. Play content via Netflix or any other online channel easily. Made by Apple. Connect and stream files from any iPhone or Mac Market price in Chroma - 13K Selling it for 5k. Reason- Upgrading. About this product Description in depth...
  11. S

    apple tv 3rd gen

    i am having apple tv 3rd generation with remote and power cable anybody needs pls revert back
  12. S

    Home theatre setup, have a 49nch tv, Audio setup needed

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a home theatre system (audio), I have an LG 49 inch tv and apple tv. Usage - TV shows netflix/prime (daily), HD movies (weekends) and music (every now and then) My knowledge is really limited on home surround systems, as of now I've been thinking of the Bose...
  13. C

    Wanted Apple TV 2nd Generation

    I would like to purchase a 2nd Generation Apple TV (Black) with remote :- model number is A1378, Model ID is MC572LL/A Please note - this is a 2nd Generation device which can be jailbroken - not the latest 3rd Generation model which cannot be jailbroken. Price range: 5-6K Should be...
  14. Ashutosh78

    ITunes for India

    Finally My apple TV is complete I can now rent, buy music and video on Apple tv as Apple announced its renting and buying digital content service through Itunes. Now Apart from straming from my PC and internet radio watching films is also easy. Hurray:yahoo:
  15. K

    USB DAC with apple TV?

    hey anyone knows whether one can use an USB DAC couple with the camera connection kit with the apple TV 2nd/3rd Generation? this would be awesome cause there are much more varieties of inexpensive USB DACs compared to the more expensive ones with optical in etc.
  16. R

    For Sale 5 Days NEW apple TV for sell .

    Wanted to sell Just 5 days old Apple Tv Since iam NEW for Apple domain :) , Not able to understand utlity systems for jailbreak ,not so much time for doing R&D on it .... better i will sellout buying cost - 6000 Rs ( Delhi ) selling Fix -5000 ( welcome pickup Delhi/NCR )...