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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. audiofool

    Arcam A29 - nightmare

    I’ve always been a ghost hifi vision user, skimming through posts of fellow enthusiasts and only recently actually signed up. Finally, my post follows as well. I only wished it were on a happier note however. Moderators, apologies. Posting wise, I’m a noob. Kindly move to the right thread if...
  2. A

    What's so special in Hi-End/Hi Current Amplifier

    Hi All, I am fan of Japanese and US Amplifier all these days,probably never had opportunity to listen to so called Hi-end\Hi Power amplifiers.Recently I heard Arcam Amplifier which is Hiend category , But the Clean and power from such a small box really made me speechless. When SS Amplifier had...
  3. V

    For Sale Sparingly used ANTHEM MRX-710 AVR

    I don't have to say anything about this product, if you've clicked this ad post reading this subject. I bought this around 2 years ago in USA & moved with me while getting shifted. Ran with 120V step-down & CVT in a professional rack setup. This was quite a big investment & loved this product...
  4. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Arcam irDAC

    Top rated audiophile grade Arcam iRDac with box, bill, remote and power cord. Spare low-noise medical grade power cord purchased from RS-Components included. Winner of What Hifi 'Product of the Year' and multiple other awards. Multiple inputs such as 2 x Coaxial, 2 x Optical, 2 x USB and 1 x...
  5. R

    Arcam A 19 vs Rotel RA 1070

    Hi, everyone. This is my second post. Which do you think would be a better buy? Arcam or Rotel?
  6. Hassan Khani

    For Sale Arcam A28 Integrated Amplifier

    Hi, Available for Sale Arcam A28 Integrated Amplifier. Excellent condition an year old. No Warrantly left. This unit has a Phono input. Accessories -> Remote Control Only. Detailed specification @ A28 - Integrated Amplifiers - Arcam Expected Price : 65K Since does not have...
  7. B

    For Sale Arcam rDac + VDH Interconnect

    1. Arcam rDAC Digital-to-Analog Converter Selling less than 3-year old Arcam rDac in excellent condition. I am the second owner and I bought it from another HFV member. Reason to sell is the fact that I upgraded to a Marantz KI Pearl Lite SACD player which has pretty good DAC. This little...
  8. M

    Is Vinyl for me ?

    Zen Masters of the TT world, There comes a time in a mans life when he has to decide the path he has to follow. For me , it seems, the time is ripe to make that decision. I do not know if it is the need to get more out of my music or a subconscious itch that has been left untreated for years...
  9. vikramdesigner

    Wanted looking for dedicated cd player

    Hi , I m looking for good dedicated cd player in below brands one yr used. Marantz/NAD/CA/ArCAM/REGA. For basic entry level used :Budget 10k to 15 k For high end level used : Budget 25 k
  10. K

    Arcam A19/28 owners - inputs required plz

    Hello Everyone If any of you have/auditioned Arcam FMJ A19/28 series integrated amps - pl PM me. I need few inputs on the sonic quality of this amp to check if they pair well with MA Rx6. TIA
  11. A

    Arcam's new usb dac + headphone amplifier - rPAC

    Arcam is coming up with a usb dac + headphone amplifier called rPAC Pricing seems to be around 150 Pounds It has a line out as well. My next item on wishlist. (i hope it has the 6.3 mm socket) Found the following links: Arcam - rPAC - USB DAC / Headphone Amp CES 2012: Arcam adds rPAC...
  12. S

    Stereo amp for diamond 9.5

    Hi, I've got a pair for 9.5's that I'm quite fond of, I've been using a denon 16xx for sometime with it now and am looking to get a proper stereo amp for it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking NAD/CA/Arcam but am open to other options (including tubes if there are any decently priced ones)...
  13. G

    Arcam and other options for Proac/Linn speakers

    Hi All, I have been reading this forum for some time now and have found it extremely useful. Thanks to all who have taken the time to provide all this useful information. I hope some of you will be able to help me decide on my music-only system. Speakers: I will probably go for a Proac...
  14. B

    Good asking price for Arcam A85, Usher S520?

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I'm going to try and sell my amp and speakers. I'm wondering what a good asking price would be. Amp: Arcam A85 integrated (two pairs of speakers; pre-out and post-in available; full-function remote). I used it for a year and a half; it has scratches...
  15. M

    Curious 115v/230v issue (Arcam Delta 290p)

    Hi All After doing some research, I've decided to buy a (second hand) Arcam Delta 290p power amp. Now the amp is for the American market and there's a "110v" sticker over the power socket. However, the specs in the amp manual state that it can handle "230V/115V +/- 12% mains voltage". The...
  16. A

    NAD v/s ARCAM Stereo Amps

    Friends, Can anyone help on listing the differences between an ARCAM Alpha 5+ and NAD 304 Integrated Amplifiers. Both of these are old models, UK make - should be good. What I understood from the forums is that the ARCAM has more detailed sound, but lacks the punch in bass than NAD...