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    Arduino based remote volume control of SSP/Pass B1

    The objective was to replace the potentiometer in Lightspeed attenuator of Pass B1 project with remote controlled arduino. I recently got SSP and was very pleased with its performance in my system (Rasp Pi -> Peachtree DAC ITx -> SSP -> Norge 1200 power amp). The only thing I missed was remote...
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    ESP8266 boards can now be programmed using Arduino

    These boards are typically used as shields with arduino boards for WiFi. And these boards are cheap - $2.50 to $3.00. Now, the arduino software can directly allow you to use these boards: ESP8266 as Arduino And that opens up a really cheap, programmable logic to build DIY projects. Even...
  3. K

    Simple IR Remote for Motorized Alps Pot directly using Arduino.

    When I wanted to control the Motorized ALPS pot for my PASS B1, I started doing research and found that most MCUs used a H-Bridge using PNP+NPN transistors or HBridge ICs to drive the motor bidirectionally. Then by chance I came across this article in elektor...