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ascend acoustics

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    A Noob in need: Which speakers?

    Hi! So I have been slowly building up my system. Started with a Little Dot DAC_I and the Little Dot MKIV, with a Macbook Pro at one end (via Toslink cable) and a AKG K 272HD at the other. I like to use my headphones at night, but during the day I'd rather have them off. Got a good deal...
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    Noob seeking help: NAD C325BEE + Preamp + Inputs

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever thread on any forum... ever. I have recently bought a Headphone Amp/Preamp (Little Dot MKIV) and am using the C325BEE as power amp. Works perfect! :) :sos: My question is: If I am using a preamp with the NAD (Main In input), it bypasses the other...