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Mogami Cables
  1. B

    Suggest an entry-level AVR for Atmos

    Hi, guys. I've been browsing the forum for weeks and want to build a good entry-level Atmos systems. I have some ideas, but I need help with choosing the right AVR as my budget is quite tight. My room size is 14X17 feet. I had a basic Sony HTiB with a soundbar which I recently retired. I found...
  2. S

    Dolby Atmos Speaker Setup Help needed

    I currently have a 5.1 setup in a 15*12*9 basement, which is a dedicated room. The layout of the room is as follows The 5.1 is laid out in the diagram. The ceiling has a set of acoustic tiles in a 2*2 grid. The ceiling is concrete and unfortunately uneven. In the bottom grid (row 15), the...
  3. A

    Wanted Looking for AVR & Speakers for Atmos

    Hello Am currently looking to upgrade my 5.1 HT to 5.1.2. I am looking for following upgrade: 7.1 ch AVR Pair of speakers for atmos that i can put on my ceiling with no false ceiling. Looking to close both within a budget of Rs 60,000. Please send me your offer.
  4. A

    Atmos Setup Help 5.1.2

    Hello, I currently have a 5.1 HT setup in my living room. My existing setup is as follows: AVR - Yamaha HTR 3067 Speakers - Taga Harmony 606 SE 5.0 system Subwoofer - Taga Harmony SW-10 v2 Media player - 4K Android TV (No atmos support in TV) Media Player - Amazon 4K TV stick for atmos via ARC...
  5. R

    Dolby ATMOS Soundbar Suggestion !!!

    Hi Geeks I am looking for a Dolby Atmos Soundbar in the range of Rs. 25-35K . My Room size is 14' x 20' and would like to place the soundbar on a TV table top. I would prefer to use eARC connectivity from my SONY X8500G TV . Need your valuable suggestion for the soundbar.
  6. I

    What is your experience 'Dolby Atmos' on amazon fire stick 4K prime video?

    What is your experience 'Dolby Atmos' on amazon fire stick 4K prime video? 1. How may tittles of Atmos media on prime video 2. What should be min internet speed for Atmos streaming?
  7. A

    For Sale Dali Zensor & Alteco Atmos speakers

    Back on sale is my Dali speakers Dali Zensor 1 (Pair) - 1 year old - 20K - SOLD Dali Alteco Atmos ( 2 pair ) - 1 year old - 45K Dali Zensor 7 (Pair) - 5 year old - 35K - SOLD QED Speaker cables with QED banana plugs included with speakers Condition : Excellent Condition, fully functional &...
  8. D

    Final 5.2.4 HT setup - Suggestions welcome! Budget details inside

    Hi everyone, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 5.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) Per my research, I have finalized the following: 1) Projector - JVC DLA-NX7 - Rs. 7,20,000 approx 2) Screen - Elite 4K...
  9. D

    Suggestions for 7.2.4 subwoofers (Budget details inside)

    Hi all, I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 7.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) I am a bit new with this, but I have been researching a lot! Per my research, I have finalized the following: 1) Projector -...
  10. reachkalyan.kr

    SOLD 3D Media player KDLINKS A300 - Himedia Q10 Firmware

    Putting on sale - 3D Media player KDLINKS A300 -Himedia Q10 Firmware Age 1 + yrs Condition - Working 100% Reason for sale - Recently moved to NUC for secondary setup. It is lying unused hence the sale. Accessories included - Media player ( Hard disk not included ) ,Remote ,power adapter and one...
  11. S

    My new home theater build using ONLY JBL's C1Pro

    Hi All, I have decided to upgrade the speakers in my media/gaming room. I was using Logitech z623 speakers till now but i have some free time this month so i decided to dive in and convert this into a good HT room. I will use it for 40% music and 60% movies and gaming. I started the...
  12. H

    Best ceiling speaker for Atmos experience (no upward firing speakers)

    I have 7.1.2 setup for atmos. I have set the atmos speakers as the height middle channel. i have Boston A series all around me. I am currently using Stonewater CS-6KV 6.5 inch ceiling speaker in a custom made mdf box mounted on the ceiling. i got it for around 8k/pair. While i like the sound of...
  13. Z

    Is such a setup possible !!

    Dear Forum members Im thinking of purchasing a projector & a 7.1/7.2 AVR. The only criteria is that 1. The AVR should be able to play the audio from the projector wirelessly. The projector should be a 3D Full HD. The AVR should be a 7.1/7.2 with Dolby ATMOS. I require help from...
  14. S

    Need advice for Atmos speakers (I already have a 7.1 Polk setup)

    My current setup is: Marantz Sr6011 7.1 Polk Setup: Polk TSi300 for Fronts, Sides, Rears Polk Cs20 for Center Polk DSW550 Subwoofer I want to add two Atmos speakers and hang them on the walls above the side speakers. The Marantz can power 9 speakers and I don't want to get an Amp...
  15. Z

    Need suggestion on AVR

    Hello Forum Members Which brand / model of AVR would be suitable to drive my Jamo C 809 front tower speakers ? The AVR should support DOLBY ATMOS. Based on your suggestion I will take an audition before the final purchase. The speaker specs are as below. System Type: 3-way bassreflex...
  16. V

    Need suggestion about ATMOS capable Bluray player

    Hi all, I own a Samsung H6500 bluray player in my setup connected Marantz SR6007 (OPT). i know the AVR is not capable of decoding ATMOS tracks, but when I play ATMOS tracks, my Bluray player gives me an error saying it cannot decode the audio track. Now the question is, which bluray...
  17. T

    MHL Audio Passthrough to AVR android phone

    Hello All, Does anyone knows how to enable multichannel audio passthrough via MHL cable connected from my android phone to my onkyo receiver. Receiver just shows PCM on its display irrespective of whichever video I play (videos having DTS or Dolby TrueHD or even Dolby Atmos soundtrack).
  18. canchi

    Dolby Atmos

    Has anybody experienced this? Dolby Atmos Their tag line is "The most significant development in audio since the arrival of surround sound is here. Dolby Atmos delivers audiences a more natural and realistic soundfield, transporting them into the story with a lifelike sensory experience. "