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audio cd

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Vivek Batra

    Spotify vs Audio CD

    Hi FMs My main audio source for my stereo system is Spotify premium account. As they say its very high quality audio files. To test that, I played the same track on the Spotify (using Spotify connect on my Denon AVR so no connection between laptop and AVR) vs audio CD on the laptop (via hdmi)...
  2. A

    Review :Ilayaraja- Raaja Digital CD's

    Hi IR (Isai Raja )Current Fans and Future Fans, I received long waited 11 Raaja Digital CDs previous day.I spent some time listening to the CD's and thought of registering my thoughts in name of Review. I use to listen IR songs only via Radio\Cassette mostly during my childhood and now...
  3. R

    Network Stereo for bedroom

    Hi everybody, I am planning to buy a network stereo along with speakers for my 14x18 bedroom. I have music stored in my laptop, tablet (android) and smartphone (android) and also in audio CDs. I would prefer a stereo that would be able to play all of these. Plus I would like to listen to...
  4. vikramdesigner

    Manufactured in india or england ???

    Hi Friends, I recently built my setup and planning to make my best cd collections. So i m looking for good quality recording with original label when it was released. (their costing was from Rs 299 to 599) the quality CD with labels like VENUS, TIPS, PYRAMID, EMI ....etc. Right now...
  5. A

    Iliyaraja - 90's Collection

    Hi - I am looking for 90's Iliyaraja's music collection in Audio CD (Tamil collection), no MP3s. Where can I get in Bangalore? Thanks!
  6. prepress

    Wanted Audio CDs

    I am looking for Audio CDs (Hindi Bollywood 1990-2000 movies). Contact me with the titles you have.
  7. baijuxavior

    Why Audio CDs cannot be copied to computer

    My friends and colleagues usually ask this question. When they tried to copy an audio CD into a computer, only a link is copied. I tell them you cannot copy ACD directly but need to rip them into mp3, wav, wma etc. formats. I searched the net and found a simple answer to this question. It is...
  8. M

    Burn High Quality Audio CD from MP3s

    Folks, Is there any special S/W which would allow me to burn audio CDs from my MP3 collections. Agreed that MP3 with higher bitrate would give me better quality but most of my MP3 collections are with 128/192 bitrate. Only the new ones come with 320Kbps. Is there something that I can...