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audio configuration

Home Theatre Systems
  1. R

    Computer audio output through home theater speakers

    I recently built my own desktop which has motherboard 5.1 speaker outputs and a video card w/ a HDMI out. I have a flat panel LCD TV w/ three HDMI inputs. I also have a five year old home theater by philips that only has one HDMI output that goes to my TV, and no HDMI input. Right now, computer...
  2. B

    Home Recording- Help required

    Hi friends, I am a newbie here. Need all you experts help in setting up a home recording centre ( want to record songs of my wife with karaoke). I read lots of article to setup but it leads no where finally I came to know this is the place where I will get help.My requirement > record voice...
  3. S

    Panasonic P42ST30 No Audio through Denon 1911

    I am at a crossroad of trying to get audio to play from my Panasonic w/ HDMI 1.4 into my AVR Denon 1911 surround system. I confirmed that the HDMI cable is 4.1 avr capable and have tried many settings. I guess a fiber optic audio cable will work but I bought the system for because of the HDMI...
  4. subbu

    Optimal audio settings for Onkyo TX - SR608

    I have Onkyo TX - SR608, and looking for best audio configurations as it has so many settings, finding difficult to have best configuration. If anyone has the same, please share. I have setup Audyssey and over that i made few adjustments. When I do this it all sounds fine, but I don't have to...