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    Who Is An Audiophile ... Music Listener Or Musical Equipment Collector?

    Its quite sad to come across many audio enthusiasts who keep jumbling their musical equipment rather focussing on developing interest in listening to MUSIC. I suggest many a friends that GOOD AUDIOPHILE IS NOT THE ONE WHO HAS VAST COLLECTION OF HI END GEAR... BUT THE ONE WHO HAS GOOD EAR ...
  2. D

    Need suggestion for Cables for 5.1 system

    Hi, I have the following system Amp - Pioneer Elite SC 27 B&W speakers front - 683s side - DS3 center - HTM 61 sub woofer - ASW610XP What cables would you recommend - Kimber, Cardas, AudioQuest. Who are the dealers for these 3 cables in Delhi. Any help is highly appreciated...
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    Speaker Types : Do you know them all ..

    Basics of Speaker Types A *woofer* is a driver capable of reproducing low (bass) frequencies. The usable frequency range varies widely and depends on various design features. Whilst some woofers can cover the audio band from bass to 3 kHz, others only work up to 1 kHz or less. Some woofers...