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audio system

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    Looking to buy used audio system with speakers

    Looking to buy a audio system with speakers that can accept RCA audio input. Any used audio system (SONY/Philips/etc.,) The system can have (cassette or Disc unit not working) amp, tuner and speakers working. I came across a SONY system with USB which I liked. But there is a strong...
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    hyundai i20 Megna 2012 Audio Suggestion

    Hi Friends, i ma using hyundai i20 Megna 2012, now music system not working (Company fitted) i want to change it with new. Please suggest me which one is best and perfect fitted for i20.
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    Suggest audio system for movie and music!!!

    I am looking for a descent audio system to accompany my Projector for watching movies and for listening to Music (individually and also for party:yahoo:). :sos: Ill be using my laptop as I/P as my projector requires a VGA I/P which is provided by my laptop :indifferent14:. But if utterly...